What’s the time? ..in other universe!!

Book : Timeline (1999)
Author: Michael Crichton
Genre : Sci-fi,Historical
Pages : 489
Cost : Rs.217 (Homeshop18)
GR8 Meter: 5.5/8 YES

He was born on 23rd October 1942 in Chicago, died 4th November 2008 in LA. He was a writer, producer, director and screenwriter. His books were sold in million copies. He was famous for sci-fi genre. His book shave been adapted into films. I read his books  – The Andromeda Strain, Eaters of the Dead (The 13th Warrior), Congo, Sphere, Jurassic Park, and now I read 6th book of him, and now here I am to present a review on the book which was published first in 1999, and its name is ‘Timeline’, and the writer is John Michael Crichton or Michael Crichton. The book is adapted into a PC Game in 2000 by Eidos Interactive, and in a movie of same name in 2003.

My copy was published by Arrow Books and the main plot goes for 489 pages, to read them I took exactly 48 days. I ordered this book from Homeshop18, and it costs me Rs.217. now after completing the book out of 6 reads of him, I will place it at no.5, though I liked the book very much but somehow will say it’s not his best. It’s a sci-fi mixed with history.

It’s a story of a company ITC doing wrong, they fund historians to dig old sites in different countries but meanwhile they are developing a technology which will help their team to go in different timelines. As per them nobody can time-travel as you can’t go to past of your own universe. Instead you can travel between multiple universes; all universes are running at different timelines. It may be the case that in one universe it is 2012 year, but in parallel one, it could be just 1432. But all technology has its faults attached. Prof. Edward Johnston is stuck into the alternate universe, and then his 3 students (Andre Marek, Chris Hughes, and Kate Erickson) volunteered to try the technology to bring back their professor. And then they landed in 1357 in France amidst the 100 years war timeline, and they faced war, knights, Oliver, Arnaut, Robert De Kere, Sir Guy. Historians stuck in history, what happens next, read the book.

Now, to start, I must say, an interesting thought, plot and story, the rebuilding of which requires a great effort, since you have to write historical events, and you can’t be wrong, and you have to built all the stage and plot your characters in it. Well a great effort certainly it is, a great work done by the great Michael Crichton (I am his fan!), to support, he used the different English in the book for the historical period part, the English of that time. Well, earlier I thought that he is good at writing sci-fi related stories, or medical related stories, but here he proves he proved that he can write history too. The book started brilliantly, and I was just hooked to the plot instantaneously, the end was fast-paced, just like you’re watching a fast-paced action thriller. His scientific explanations are just so flawless, everytime whatever he gives and I just bow down and accept it, BUT…

His forte is sci-fi and not history, so he falters, book seems a bit lengthy for the story, and the middle becomes boring, esp the historical part, sci-fi part was excellent but its history when you feel bored, plus it seems that the he forgets his main plot and direction in between, the characters are just finding a secret way, which was not required, probably Michael got himself lost while writing the history part. End was just okay, not that much believable, as I personally think that however bad your boss is you cannot suddenly took an action against him, just like that (It’s in the context of the story). One more thing was missing, it was the diagram part, or rather I will say that if you compare this book with Matthew Reilly’s fast-paced action thrillers, you feel that had Michael Crichton provided more illustrations in his book, like Reilly do, it would be more helpful in understanding the surroundings and stage of plot, yes there are few illustrations, but few more were required.

All-in-all I will say a definite YES to this book as well, since its again a treat for the readers, a different plotline, though this cannot be counted as Crichton’s best book but still it’s much better than many of others. He is definitely a good story-teller and who speaks out of science proofs. Do buy this book and read it, my rating 5.5/8.


I took much time to read it (10 pages a day), hence I Apologize: P

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