The Fire Catch is dropped!

Book : Catching Fire (2009)
Author: Suzanne Collins
Genre : Adventure,Sci-fi
Pages : 180
Cost : NA (E-Book)
GR8 Meter: 4.5/8 YES

2nd book in a trilogy, and this is the trilogy written by Suzanne Collins, and is named as ‘The Hunger Games’ Trilogy. I started it slow, but soon I sped off, and it ends on a high, where I liked the concept and the freshness of something new, I gave it 6.5/8 and recommended it. Now here’s the review of 2nd book ‘CATCHING FIRE’.

In the previous installment, the lead characters Katniss Everdeen, and Peeta Mellark becomes the winner of 74th annual hunger games, and becomes the only 2nd ones to do so from District 12, and now they’re enjoying their heavenly lives as winners, where their whole family got all the facilities a rich family can imagine. They have their own full-furnished house, with all the possible things one can only imagine. But they did one wrong thing, by showing love to each other (to survive the games) and to try to take their lives at the end, they sparked rebellion against CAPITOL, though it’s just a spark right now, but soon it can engulf everybody. So, President Snow (HEAD of COUNTRY PANEM) announces exceptional rule for this year’s HUNGER GAMES (the QUARTER QUELL – 75th games), where no new tributes will be selected but this time tributes will be selected from previous winners. He literally wants to kill as many as possible, since he want to suppress the rebellion, and he wants to kill especially Katniss. Katniss and Peeta finds themselves again in the ARENA, and then again the game started, the game of killing everybody, but this time game didn’t started to reach any end, but its going other way, the REBEL WAY, and the novel ends on a point, which will make just a poise for the 3rd novel to start. There are more and new characters for the book which help playing the games, important ones like Finnick Odair, Johanna Mason, Beetee, Wiress, and Mags; and old ones too like Haymitch, Gale etc.

Suzanne Collins is an american novelist and TV scriptwriter, and has written around 11 books till date – The Underland Chronicles (5), The Hunger Games Trilogy (3), and 3 stand-alones. Already ‘The Hunger Games’ has been adapted as a movie, and the 2nd book ‘Catching Fire’ adaptation is  underway, which is scheduled to be release in 2013. This book was published 1st in Sept 2009, by Scholastic Press, though I didn’t buy it, I got an e-book version (FREE of course!), so I read it. This e-book version is 180 pages long (I didn’t calculated no of days I took to read it).

I started this book in a fast-forward passion, as I want to hunt it down ASAP, since I was feeling so excited after completing the 1st one, but this one was not that good, it let me down, the reason, the BIGGEST REASON – GAMES COVERED AGAIN. I thought that in the 1st book, they covered the Games bit-by-bit, so this time something new will be there, but again I witnessed GAMES!, the 75th ANNUAL GAMES! The freshness is lost, yes the ARENA is new, the fight-to-it is new, and many more changes to games, but still, how many times one can read the same games, same pattern of happenings. In bits and pieces it scored though, like in the middle of the book, a new thing popped up, and it looks like a new exciting suspense will be revealing soon (about the destroyed and non-existent District 13), but right after that, the author moves on with the same story, which she already covered in 1st installment. In the end, book looks poised and so poised that you have to go for the 3rd one, unlike the 1st book, which looks complete in itself. Less in action and freshness, book is simple in read, and I still suggest it as its being a part of a trilogy.

I completed CATCHING FIRE, and soon will be starting MOCKINGJAY (3rd book), just praying it bring something new for my eyes and feelings. 4.5/8 for catching up this fire!


Jai Raam ji ki 🙂

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