A magical being named KRISHNA!!

Book : The krishna Key (2012)
Author: Ashwin Sanghi
Genre : Historical, Thriller
Pages : 464
Cost : Rs.163 (Infibeam)
GR8 Meter: 6.5/8 YES


Aug 24, 2012: 3rd book of Ashwin Sanghi releases.

I got my author-signed copy of ‘The Krishna Key’ which I already pre-ordered through Infibeam. It costs me Rs. 163 (free-shipping because total order costs above Rs.200). And this book is the 3rd one from Ashwin Sanghi, the well renowned author who has written best-sellers ‘The Rozabal Line’, and ‘Chanakya’s Chant’. If you don’t know about him, you can log into his sites www.ashwinsanghi.com, from where you can find his e-mail ID, and he also has a facebook account with name ‘Shawn Haigins’, and if you post queries there, he will reply for sure and for more info you can read Author’s note provided at the starting of this book. He was born on Jan 25, 1969 in Mumbai.

Let’s go into some flashback. I have read both the earlier books by him, and have them in my library, so when I got news of this book, I pre-ordered it. ‘The Rozabal Line’ was based on fact-fiction mix of the same kind which Dan Brown wrote, and India saw a rise of writer of his stature. Then came ‘Chanakya’s Chant’ which was again a mix but of different kind, it has two parallel timelines – one of Chanakya’s story and one of present. Now I was sure that this author is different from the herd of self-proclaimed love story Indian writers, and he raised to fame alongwith Amish. Recently released ‘The Krishna Key’ is a blend of both the above styles. Many readers (like me )complaint about odd ending of 1st book, and many others (like me) said that punches were just not enough in the 2nd one, but this one overcome both, it’s a perfect mix-up of facts and fiction with its dose of mythology. Ending is perfect and whole read was just near perfect. Here’s the plot-:

What if you come to know that Krishna was just not a mythological character but a real person existed so many years back? What if you come to know that there could be a mystical Brahmastra (a nuclear weapon) hidden somewhere which belongs to him or anybody from that yuga? What if there are some other secrets which are hidden from today’s society and if you get to hold those secrets you’ll get power? And then there’s a killer on loose, who claimed himself as Vishnu’s 10th and last avatar ‘KALKI AVATAR’ who have to born in Kalayuga. A Mataji is guiding him to kill 4 equally important person so as to get hold of 4 stamps from Krishna’s time so that it can fit into a base-plate which will constitute a ‘Krishna Key’ and which beheld secrets of very high importance. But the History professor Ravi Mohan Saini is not an easy task for them to catch, and then start a game of cat and mouse when every character of the story travels here and there in the search of truth. Meanwhile the story of Krishna is also continuing from his birth till his end.

Main Characters of the story – 1. Ravi Mohan Saini, A history professor and the main protagonist 2. Ins. Radhika, the cop nehind the culprit and the main female character. 3. Priya Ratnani, student of Ravi, and the side heroine of story 4. Taarak Vakil, the serial killer on loose 5. Sir Khan, a big industrialist behind everything 6. Mataji, the suspense character and guide of Taarak

The story has its share of newness, I must appreciate the plot, what a well though, and once you start reading, you find it quite similar to a great book ‘Da Vinci Code’, same kind of starting, but the presentation is fantastic, and the read is a simple one, and totally engrossing. Once you started reading it you can’t stop. It has the mix-style of Ashwin’s first two books, at the starting of every chapter, you get to read Krishna’s story in italics, and then chapter continue with the current story. The chapters here are arranged in kind of inter-mixing way, like a current story is going on then because of one character’s importance, the story switched to his/her past story, and then after completing it, it comes to the current time. But you’ll never felt distracted as was a –ve point with his 1st book. There you could lost and required quite a mind to get hold of story’s progress, but here it’s as smooth as butter, and you’ll start liking his way of writing. Then there are facts and fiction mix, you can think that whether it’s true fact or a fiction. Many of them are true facts, but many have been added by the author. In the end he has also provided a bibliography of all the books or website links to which he referred, and you can check for yourself.  He has used the anagrams here too, since he personally liked the concept of anagrams.

But to some this intermixing of flashback and current story may create confusion (well I don’t think so!), and I found some typo error also, at 5 places. At 3 places the wrong character name is written, but you’ll be able to find it yourself. At 2 places, the city’s name is mentioned wrong.  I sent a mail to Ashwin depicting the same and got reply from him and he ensured that these will be corrected in next print. I felt great when I got reply from him, I will be saving the mail for future. I liked the book though I felt that maybe the main name didn’t satisfy fully to the mystery which unfolds later. Two adventures started to two different locations but ended in between, what I wished was for it to continue till end. Also, the story of one Sir Khan seems bollywoodish, which can be avoided. Some brand names are directly used, should it be avoided?

This book is published by Westland, the same press which published Shiva trilogy books. Well someone is not following blind ways like Srishthi publications. The book is 464 pages long, divided over 107 chapters, which I completed in 7 days, and I will recommend it to everyone, it’s a must read and the best by Ashwin Sanghi, my take 6.5/8. Jai Sri Krishna!


Jai Sri Krishna 🙂

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