Dreams! come True!

Book : Tell Me Your Dreams (1998)
Author: Sidney Sheldon
Genre : Thriller
Pages : 341
Cost : NA
GR8 Meter: 5.5/8 YES


Well, for a change I again tried a series-author. Well, personally I never like to watch any superhero movie, but if I get I watch it on my laptop/ipod/tv, similarly I never buy a book of a series-writer, that too who wrote suspense/detective/thriller genre like Agatha Christie, or likewise. Though later I bought & read one book of AC, and recently I am getting attracted towards James Hadley Chase Novels. So here as well I read 1st book of a very famous series-writer ‘Sidney Sheldon’, I don’t think that the name needs any introduction, and it was book’s good-luck that somehow I started reading it: P. It was bought by my friend, I took it from him and was in my attic from long time, but as usual because of my non-interest, I was not reading it. Then came a journey and I want to take 1 book with me, and am not finding any less fatty book to take, all thin books are completed, so I opted this one to take with me, because of no other choice available. And then I started reading the book ‘Tell me your Dreams’ written by Sidney Sheldon.

Sidney Sheldon was an Oscar award winning American writer; he was born 11th feb 1917 at Chicago and died in 2007. He was the creator of TV shows ‘The Patty Duke Show’, ‘I Dream of Jeannie’, and ‘Hart to Hart’, and was also ranked 7th in the best selling writer of all time list, the list which is topped by William Shakespeare & Agatha Christie. His other novels included ‘Master of the Game’, ‘The other Side of Midnight’, and ‘Rage of Angels’. He has also written his autobiography by the name ‘The Other Side Of Me’, and also many Broadway plays.

‘Tell Me your Dreams’ was first published in 1998 by William Morrow. Though my copy is published by Harper Collins, and it is 341 pages long, which includes main story, Author’s note and bibliography at the end. The book is divided over 3 parts – Book 1, 2 & 3. I took 4 days to complete this book. This book as said is fiction based on actual events or cases. Book 1 contains 10 chapters (108 pages), Book 2 has 11 chapters divided over 150 pages, and Book 3 has 8 chapters.

This is story of 3 girls – Ashley Patterson, who has a very famous father, Dr. Steven Patterson, the heart specialist, known for his advances in medical field, but who is also very insecure, and always think that someone is stalking her. She once loved Jim Cleary an aspiring footballer, but he never came back for her even when she waiter for her at the station long back. Toni Prescott sings odd rhymes, and is very authoritative, and she is daring, a firecracker and is from London with pure British accent. She chats with men but hate them as well. But she started loving Jean Claude Parent who is also a jeweler, after introducing him at the chat room on Internet. Alette Peters is an artist who likes to draw paintings and hails from beautiful city of Rome. For her everything is colourful, and she is soft spoken and he started liking Richard Melton, another artist painter. But it’s a detective thriller story, so it can’t be so simple. The fact behind the story is all 3 ladies works for the same IT company ‘Global Computer Graphics’, Alette and Toni know each other but Ashley didn’t know them. And all 3 guys mentioned above are now dead, someone has murdered them. But who? You need to read the book to know it. There is also one more character picked right from the John Grisham books, a lawyer named David Singer who is currently a corporate lawyer working for a big firm, but then he has to go back to his earlier practiced field to become criminal lawyer and fight an interesting case.

So, does the plot seems interesting, well yes, it is interesting, it has full points as a story of a movie, and written in a nice and intriguing manner, till the time suspense is over, it goes good. The language is as simple as it can, which binds the reader throughout with it, the biggest proof is me, I just completed it in no time, that was the good thing about it, and even when the book is more than 300 pages, you suddenly reach 150 pages in just 1-2 days, just like that, it’s the simplicity of book’s language. But yes, the main reason behind the suspense seems old, and at many places we have either seen that or read that, don’t forget the fact that this book was written in 1998, so it could be one of the first books to show that reason, but since I read it now, so the mystery seems old-fashioned. The place where book finds its climax (at the end of Book 2), looks like the climax is hurried off, just in half page the case is solved, just like that, I didn’t liked that though. And then the Book 3, makes you feel that maybe something else is going to happen, but nothing actually happens, I read this part very fast but nothing much come up in the 3rd part, so a bit of boringness at the end of the book is there. Reader may stop reading right after the climax part. Though last line is a good place to leave the book creating new suspense for the author, but that’s been done by many other authors of film-makers, so it seems repetitive, and a wise reader can guess it well before. The ‘David Singer’ character seems common, read or faced it many times before in other novels or places.

But if you want to start reading Sidney Sheldon, this book is for you, a simple read, with no dictionary words used, I didn’t know about his other books, so cant comment on them. This one is good for a journey though, my take 5.5/8 for giving me a good timepass.

GRuchirG. Currently reading ‘The Sign of Four’ and waiting for pre-ordered Chris Kuzenski’s ‘The Hunters’ & Amish Tripathi’s ‘The Oath of the Vayuputras’.

Jai Raam ji ki 🙂


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