They’re hunting HUMANS!!


Book : Prey (2002)
Author: Michael Crichton
Genre : Sci-fi Thriller
Pages : 415
Cost : N/A
GR8 Meter: 7.5/8 YES

So, after a long time, I am writing a review using a laptop instead of a phone, and what better than to write about one of the best book of the lot, one of the best book from one of the great author of all time, Late Michael Crichton. ‘Prey’ is indeed one of his best creation, and for those who loves sci-fi thrillers with a pinch of horror to get the adrenaline going. Let me present you with the review of it.

Jack Forman is an ex-employee who worked for a software firm MediaTronics and he was one of the key developer and team leader for one of the new evolving distributed agent programming, where he wrote code for virtual agents to imitate like real-world creatures, so he and his team has written a program PREDPREY where the virtual agents are given a task to find the solution and the programming let the agents to evolve on their own till they find any solution, so they can innovate and imitate real-world. But he was fired because of his ongoing issues with the company owner, since he suspected that his code is being stolen and used elsewhere and the owner was involved in it. Now he is taking care of his 3 children, while his wife Julia Forman is working in Xymos Technology, a company which is developing technology for molecular manufacturing aka nanotechnology. Now they are able to make minute cameras which can go inside human body and many units can interact and work together to give a full picture of what is happening inside, and they have used the distributed agent programming made by Jack and his team. They bought this code from the software company, but Jack is unaware of this. And then they made a mistake. The virtual nano particles got the ability to thinking and responding by themselves, means they’re independent and now they’re hunting like real predators, and MAN IS THE PREY!

A great concept and Michael as always one of the star I must say who wrote such beautifully and expertly on science matters that you started loving it instantly, yes for non-science lover, the book become less interesting, because he use to and here also explained in detail about the functioning of science objects and futuristic technologies. The novel starts slow and then slowly slowly it started to build, and then it races to the ends, raising the curiosity of the reader, and the reader like me then liked to finish it ASAP. The book has touch of horror by the feeling of prey is hunting by the predator, and Michael brought the feeling right away, you feel like either you’re watching a thrill-horror movie or you’re actually there in the scene itself, that intensity he brought in this novel. Book is lengthy, goes on for about 500 pages, but the book is certainly not boring (except the starting part).

The book is divided in 4 parts – Home, Desert, Nest and Prey each dealing with the kind of surroundings or happenings going on, while the chapters are divided with the title line of DAY, and Time, since its explaining day by day and clock by clock – when what is happening. To throw on more lights, this novel was first published in November 2002. So the book covers genetic technology, artificial life, nanotechnology and similar other science ideas and just enlighten your mind alongwith entertaining you.

I will say a definite YES for this book, do get it if you haven’t and do read it, my take 7.5/8. Now I wanted to watch the movie adaptation of it.

Jai Raam ji ki 🙂

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