It’s a War!! against ZOMBIESSSS!!!

WorldWarZ_200-s6-c30Book : World War Z (2006)
Author: Max Brooks
Genre : Post Apocalyptic Fiction
Pages : 342
Cost : Rs.217 (Amazon)
GR8 Meter: 5.5/8 YES

One day I found a different kind of book, and when I researched, I found a different kind of writer who used to write on those different kind of books, its like, that is his world, and only his world. I wrote a review on that different book on 6th Oct, 2011, that book name was ’The Zombie Survival Guide’ . It was written like a textbook pattern, like the one which comes in NCERT types in schools, but cover a different topic about how you can survive a zombie attack, and what to do what not to do. Few days back I got a chance to read one more book of the same author who wrote only on zombies. The book name was ’World War Z’ and the author’s name is Max Brooks .

World has reached to its extreme, and now everybody or everyone has converted to ZOMBIES, due to the spread plague, and what remains is only few fighting living ones, who are not only trying to fight this new enemy – LIVING DEADS but also trying to survive. ZOMBIES has a peculiar ability and it is the most dangerous enemy, since you cannot kill them, they’re already dead, plus they don’t have any feel of pain, regression, or they just don’t feel, so even if you cut them they’ll come to you, and their basic tendency is to just eat or bite remaining living ones, and this will only result in one thing – everytime they bite one, their army increases and the living ones’ army decreases. So they’re the most toughest enemy to fight. UNTIL you hit them on the brain, or somehow able to gather all your strength which is spread over all of the world and unite and fight against this WORLD TERROR THREAT!


A movie adaptation has already been made on this book in 2013 , which was released few months back, and is acted by Brad Pitt , I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s downloading on torrent. The book was first published in 2006 & belongs to the post apocalyptic fiction genre . The book’s title goes like ’WORLD WAR Z: An oral history of the Zombie War’, and that is what it is. It is written in the format of interview excerpts . It is not a simple fictional tale, but written in format of separate interviews as taken by the author of world war z survivors, and then he compiles all those interviews in order of happening and putting his separate notes about that person and when and where that interview is taken.


The book is divided over 8 chapters , introduction & Acknowledgements, goes over 342 pages (took me 19 days to read), my copy was published by Duckworth Overlook, and I got it from for Rs.217.

Introduction – Author introduces the situation and the format of book
Warnings – Had interviews of those happenings when the zombie outbreak started, and how and where of it
Blame – As the topic suggests, it speaks about the blaming of the outbreak, and why was it didn’t get controlled
The Great Panic – the time when the crisis & panic started
Turning the Tide, Home Front USA, Around the World & Above – The ongoing and incidents of zombie outbreaks
Total War – The war with zombies
Good-Byes – The controlling of zombies, and final win over the zombies by the livings ones.

The book contains stories & interviews from all over the world (covered India as well), it talks about the patient zero (the first case noticed in China, the source of outbreak), then about African rabies (zombie outbreak known in all over the world) & last stands of fighting (like  Yonkers fight), many great survival stories (like the battle of five colleges) , the solution for outbreak (Redeker plan), the story of magical drug (which was just a gimmick by pharma companies to attract the money in the time of panic), and final fights. This book was written on a more serious note that the previous one. Where the ’Zombie survival guide; tells you what & how, this one tells what actually will happen when such a crisis come, how everybody react and what panic can rise. It is totally MAX BROOK’s world, but hey, isn’t it great to read, its differentand forms a good fiction genre.

This book is certainly not for everybody, since for many ZOMBIES are not the topic of reading but watching, maybe. Then it’s not written in the conventional way of writing, as already told before it’s interview excerpts compilation. But if you want to read different, you can definitely opt for this one for a change. I must suggest this one & ’Zombie Survival Guide’ both. I have yet to read his other books like ’Recorded Attacks’. I rate this one as 5.5/8 .

Jai Raam ji ki 🙂

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