Friends Forever in Terabithia !

Bridge To Terabithia – Katherine Paterson book cover

Book : Bridge To Terabithia (1977)
Author: Katherine Paterson
Genre : Children
Pages : 141
Cost : Rs.169
GR8 Meter: 4.5/8 YES

About the Book – So, I tried one more author this time. I read ’Bridge to Terabithia’which was written by Katherine Paterson . This book was first published in 1977 , and it belongs to children’s genre, for the story is for children especially, but adults can read alike. This book is not much pages, it goes only for some 140 odd pages . I bought this book long back, tries to start it then but unable to move beyond few pages, probably because of its slow pace, but few days back I started it again, and finished it last week, though I took 35 days in total to complete it. I didn’t remember the purchase price but my book was published by Puffin Books. This book was also adapted twice as movies in 1985 & 2007.

Katherine Paterson

Katherine Paterson

About the Author – Katherine Paterson is an American author of children’s novels, born in 1932 in China, she has been awarded with many awards and still active, some of her notable works includes’The Master Puppeteer’, ’The Great Gilly Hopkins’, ’Jacob Have I loved’, I haven’t read any of her other works, so I can’t comment on them.

About the Story – There is a young boy some 12-13 yrs of age Jesse Aarons who is very fond of drawing, and lives in the countryside with his parents and 4 sisters Joyce, Ellie, Brenda & May Belle. Being the only son in the house, he has to do some hard work, as directed by his mother, he study in Lark Creek Elementary and is one of the fast runners amongst the fourth graders. A family moves in his nearby house, who are wealthy guys and wanted to shift to country to just have a farm for money making and spending good time in countryside. There is only one girl, somewhat different, boyish in look, and have almost many experiences of scuba diving or other hobbies, Leslie Burke , she’s good in running as well. Jesse & Leslie becomes good friends, and one day on Leslie’s wish, they chose a place beyond the small river, a place which they can call their own, hidden by trees, and they call it their secret kingdom, Terabithia, on the themes of Narnia. Only one way is there to go into their magic kingdom, by swinging on the enchanted rope and cross the creek. They pass their good time enjoying being KIng and Queen of their imaginary kingdom.(SPOILERS) One fine day, Jesse, after being asked by his teacher Miss Edmunds(on whom he has a crush) went to a trip to town for some shopping, and he was thinking to share his memories with Leslie, but when he came back, he only herd the news that his best friend Leslie is no more, she died while crossing the overflowing creek using the rope. He was deeply saddened and fall in grief, but after 2-3 days decided to build a makeshift bridge of logs crossing that creek, in memories of his friend.

The Pros & Cons – Its a light hearted book, a light hearted story with its souls intact , a story of friendship, no doubt that it is intended for children, but you as adult can also enjoy it fully, and it will also not take much time, if you like the genre. The book’s story is not something which can be count, but the way it was being presented/written was the thing, for which you can buy it, the novel is not long . Language is simple , situations seems simple and real, not much of thinking, just let yourself flow with the flow of book. The end is sad, so it make you sad as well, and I thought quite the same by the ongoings of book as I was reading it. For me, I took 2 attempts to read it, mainly because it doesn’t fall in my genre, I usually read adventure/fantasy/thriller, and it doesn’t fall in any of those. Plus it is slower, as it is only showing daily routine of children, especially the 2 main characters. The book is full of feeling and inspiration comes at the end.

My Recommendation – I will recommend it, atleast give it a try and if you’re into light books/children books genre, you can opt for it, you can even gift it to your children, I don’t know whether the sad ending is good to gift them or not, your choice. I rate this as 4.5/8 .

Jai Raam ji ki:)

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  1. ashanti says:

    You are my terabithia!!!

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