Love is Life OR Death!!

Life or Death book cover

Life or Death book cover

Book : Life or Death (2014)
Author: Michael Robotham
Genre : Thriller/Crime Fiction
Pages : 434
Cost : Rs.264 (
GR8 Meter: 3.5/8 NO

So I have completed one more book, oh comeon guys! I am a freak:P. Well tried 1 more writer,  its Michael Robotham this time and the novel is ‘Life or Death’ and it took me 24 days for 434 pages(Well thats chaaaala slow!)

Thodi Jaankari: Well, Michael Robotham is an Australian writer and born in 1960 at Casino NSW. He’s got some awards too like Ned Kelly Awards for crime fiction writings. He has written around 10 novels and this one is his latest published in 2014. My copy is published by sphere and it costs me Rs.235. Atleast a new writer trial deserves already this much!

Let’s come to story now. Its a story of a guy, the protagonist of our story named Audie Spencer Palmer, who is living his life inside jail because he was involved in a robbery and murder. He is a very calm and composed guy, and never created any problem, instead he faced many murder threats inside the jail premises since nobody were able to found the lost money of the robbery and he is the only surviving guy of that robbery, but he didn’t told anyone about its location. But 1 day before his release he ran from the jail. Nobody knows why he did that and where he’s heading. There are some more characters involved. Some high-class fed persons released his jail-friend Moss just on one condition that he needs to find Audie. Then there is a fed agent Valdez who has a suspicious character who is also responsible for Audie’s arrest. Then there’s gangster Urban Covic with whose mistress(Belita) Audie falls in love. And then there’s a truthful yet neglected female FBI agent Desiree who wants to uncover the real truth. So what’s the suspense behind these happenings, need to read it to find out.

Michael Robotham

Michael Robotham

Let me dissect the novel. If I put the whole story and analyze it, this story comes straight out of box, looking simply like a normal story going on with normal proceedings, esp if you’ve seen many of Bollywood movies. The narration is divided into 2 timelines, one of which is happening in flashback. But the story was not up to the mark, the guy loves a girl, and the girl belongs to a gangster, you’ve read/seen it earlier. Plus I would say that 434 pages are too long to cover the story they covered(seriously), the pace is slow and not much of a suspense as looked by the synopsis of the book. Yes, the point of anti-climax – the reason behind all this sh*t looks good when it uncovers, but yoy as a reader felt a bit cheated, since you’ve covered so many pages to reach there. Readability is good, characterization is fine.

But if you ask me, this book is not an exception, though I would say that I am not totally disappointed with the new trial of this author(my 1st read of him), unlike Chris Kuzneski, so if I get time I will surely look to pickup any other novel from him, this time maybe less pages one. I will rate it as 3.5/8.

Jai Raam ji ki:)

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