Micro book cover

Micro book cover

Book : Micro (2011)
Author: Michael Crichton
Genre : Sci-fi Thriller
Pages : 646
Cost : Rs.159 (Amazon.in)
GR8 Meter: 3/8 NO

There’s a dangerous technology out there, and a company who in the view of doing good research, actually started doing some very bad things, and it’s owner don’t want any survivors or any who knows the secrets. So, in 19 days at an average of 34 pgs per day, I completed a fat book “Micro” which was the last book written by the great Michael Crichton, however he was not able to complete it before his death, so Richard Preston was hired to do the honors. Though I am not sure how much pages written by him, as no distinction been given.

There’s a company Nanigen Technologies who is into the medical drugs research and with the help of its co-founder and a science researcher Eric Jansen, is able to develop micro technology, basically by the use of its high-field tensor generator, they’re able to shrink ordinary things into less than an inch size, so they have reduced many machines, and even their workers who can use them and able to research in the jungle area they owned, research on small insects, plants, their venoms and make use of it to make life-saving drugs. But this is only the one side of the company – the good side. On the bad side they’re also liaison with US govt to give them micro-bots as a new weapon, which they’re able to make, and it can kill any human within seconds without them even knowing it, it can go into your bloodstream and just finish you off, and this is the doing of its another co-founder the millionaire Vin Drake. And Now Eric Jansen knew it, which Vin doesn’t want him to know. And there are 7 research college students who all are expert in different natural sciences which could be helpful for Nanigen to find out a lot of things, they’ve been hired, but everything topples, now these students are a threat for Vin, 1 of the student is brother of Eric, and Eric is dead. Will these 7 students can survive the micro-wrath of Vin or not is what the whole story is about.

Michael Crichton, as many of us avid book readers are aware of, was a sci-fi writer of excellent talent, and has many fans(like me) across continents, he died on Nov 4 2008 at an age of 66, before this he has written around 27 novels(2 published after his death including this one published in 2011), alongwith this he has also contributed as a film producer, screenwriter, and as a director too. This was my 10th read of him, but personally I think this was the weakest novel of the lot(I am comparing out of 10), and I will not recommend it to anybody else who either wants to try MC or just wanted to try a thriller book.

Michael Crichton

Michael Crichton

The reasons behind me not recommending it is 1. A long book, almost 600+ pages, 2. Not covering too much of story, 3. which makes the read somewhat boring, 4. and this concept is already tried in other books/films. I am not sure how many pages did he wrote & how many Richard Preston wrote, but all-in-all this book is kind-of-avoidable by the amount of story it covered in those 600+ pages. Well the description of micro world is vivid, and I will certainly like to see this novel on screen, wide description of micro-creatures, it will definitely call for a lot of special effects though. But reading is only recommended for MC fans if you don’t get hands on any other MC books, can try this one.

The reason behind all the thrills, the know-hows didn’t looked too convincing to me, it just look like it just happened by chance. I will rate this book as a 3/8, you can give it a miss, and try with other books of him.

Jai Raam ji ki:)

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