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Scion of Ikshvaku Book Cover

Scion of Ikshvaku Book Cover

Book : Scion of Ikshvaku (2015)
Author: Amish Tripathi
Genre : Mythological Fantasy/Fiction
Pages : 450+
Cost : Rs.262 (Amazon.in)
GR8 Meter: 5.5/8 YES

So finally the day has come when I got the time to write the review of one of the new releases, and the latest novel from Amish, the famous known writer of the’SHIVA’ trilogy, and here he started the new trilogy, the RAM CHANDRA series, this time the hero is Ram, and here goes the fictional-fact life of one more great god ever lived on earth.

The novel is just a setup like a fast paced action-thriller movie. The novel started with a guy hunting a deer in a jungle, when he heard a cry, and he alongwith his aide ran toward the source, and he heard a copter blades voice, like a copter is flying, and he realizes that his love has been kidnapped. FLASHBACK. Dashrath is facing a war situation and on the other side is a cunning villain about whom only they have heard that he’s is a cruel and a cunning businessman who has a very loyal and dangerous army – RAAVAN. On the other hand Dashrath’s eldest queen Kaushalya is pregnant. The war is started, Dashrath has never lose a war, and Kaushalya gave birth to a son, and at the same moment Dashrath loses the war badly. RAM was born, but right from starting he didn’t get the love of his dad Dashrath. And the story of Ram is started, which reach till the end following many twists and turns, covering few kingdoms, and the Ramayana happenings. But the story is not yet ended, Ram’s wife SITA is kidnapped by someone who has the copter Pushpak Viman, and that someone is none other than RAAVAN. The story will be continued in 2nd novel.

As we all know about the literary success of Amish’s Shiva Trilogy, the expectations were at the peak when everybody came to know about his new venture, and when the name is released, alongwith pre-order availability, Amazon was overwhelmed by the per-orders. And Amish came true on the expectations, this novel(which is in a timeline previous to the Shiva trilogy) is again a wonderful book. And since most of us Indians are more aware about Ramayana(Lord Ram’s story), it makes very hard for someone to tell the same story again and that too in a different way like a fiction with the fact that Ram became the God by his karma, otherwise he’s a normal man. This was not the case with Shiva trilogy. The novel started perfectly, like I said earlier, in the style of action thriller bollywood movie, with a flashback thrown in, plus a war to start with. The novel is slow in starting but then it gains pace, and reached to peak at end. This was much better paced than Shiva trilogy’s 1st book. Ideally 1st book will always be used to create the base of much bigger story.

Amish Tripathi

Amish Tripathi

Some of the part of story/novel are the peak points for e.g., the starting war between Dashrath & Lanka’s trader Raavan, then the four brother’s tryst with education at the Guru Vashishta’s ashram, and then the Ram’s encounter with Sita in Mithila and the fight between the army of Raavan & Mithila. I will suggest, buy this book for sure, I am eagerly waiting for the 2nd part, let’s see when it will be floored. You don’t need to know high-class english as this novel is written in simple english, with no hard words, anybody who like fiction can read it.

Go Get it, if you still haven’t. My ratings: 5.5/8


Jai Raam ji ki:)

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