Trials not upto the mark..

The Scorch Trials Book Cover

The Scorch Trials Book Cover

Book : The Scorch Trials (2010)
Author: James Dashner
Genre : Sci-fi/Dystopian
Pages : 212
Cost : NA (EBook)
GR8 Meter: 4/8 NO

When I have read the 1st book from James Dashner “The Maze Runner”, I was highly mesmerized by the content, the story and the buildup, and I rated that novel a full 5/5. It increased my expectation for the coming books, as the whole story was not completed, and it’s a series. I found e-books of 3 other books of the same series, so I downloaded and started reading the 2nd one “The Scorch Trials”, and here is it’s review.

Here’s the story – Continuing from the 1st book, we found out that their were 2 groups – Group A and Group B on whom the experiments were getting conducted, since in reality there is no world remains, a deadly virus has spread, and it has gotten into brains of human, and making them mad (Cranks), so few countries combined and formed an organization called WICKED, and they identified some subjects – group of girls and boys, on whom they’ll conduct a series of experiments, to get their brain pattern and hence developing a cure. ‘The Maze Runner’ was the first such experiment. Now they’ve to pass further tests mixed with different situation which are called ‘The Scorch Trials’. They’ve to pass a vast outland in the scorchy heat of sun to reach a safe heaven, and through the path of a city full of cranks. Will they be able to cross it? How many will survive the trials? What will they get once they reach the final point? And everybody are marked with a tattoo, what does those means. Will Thomas survive or grow up as a lead of survivors? To
know read this book.

So, as I have already told above, I was super-excited for this book, but I was super-disappointed. The story was very uneven with lots of unexplained things, maybe further books will reveal more, but if I compare it with the 1st one, 1st one stand apart, primarily because of its suspense/thrill factor, with newness. SInce this is 2nd installment in the experiment series, it loses on the part of freshness, but still, had it been able to grasp reader’s attention through some new ongoings, it would be much better a read. Many events in the novel were added to generate curiosity but it left the read more perplexed than ever. Yes there are some high-points in the novel, like the encounter of Thomas & a new girl Brenda with Cranks in basement tunnels, it will make a good scary part, if a movie adaptation will be made. But during mid-section and end it was more plain and little boring, this is happening that is happening, but the excitement was not there. Book’s starting was good.

James Dashner

James Dashner

Language of the book is easy, my e-book (pdf format) goes on for a total of 212 pages divided over 65 chapters, epilogue, acknowledgements, index, and other details. I will recommend this book to all of those who have read ‘The Maze Runner’ and if you’re eager enough to complete a series, otherwise you can avoid this one. I will certainly complete the series, since I have 2 more books available with me, and I have already started the 3rd one ‘The Death Cure’. I will rate this book 2.5/5 for its not-so-fresh and uneven story.


Jai Raam ji ki 🙂


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