The lost treasure of INCA civilization!!

Inca Gold Cover Page

Inca Gold Cover Page

Book : Inca Gold (1994)
Author: Clive Cussler
Genre : Adventure Thriller
Pages : 619
Cost : (Rs.200)
GR8 Meter: 5.5/8 YES

Hmm. Clive Cussler. He waited for long to get my attention. I have seen his novels from the beginning of the time when I got into novel reading business, but never bought him. Finally he got lucky and I bought his one of the novel INCA GOLD(12th as per wikipedia) which belongs to his ever-famous underwater specialist hero DIRK PITT. He belongs to the same category as Matthew Reilly, and since I was not able to buy his latest novels(due to high price range), I thought to find someone else of the same genre, hence Clive got lucky!

Let me tell something about Clive(source: wikipedia) He is an american, born 15th July 1931 and alongwith writing novel, he is also a marine archaeologist, And he is the founder & chairman of real life NUMA agency which is involved in shipwreck discoveries and that explains why he wrote about NUMA adventure novels, and why his main hero is an underwater expert. It seems he has written 23 novels belonging to DIRK PITT adventures, & around 12 under NUMA FILES adventures starring KURT AUSTIN, alongwith these 3-4 more series he has written with different heroes.

This time Dirk & his friend Al Giordino got a distress signal in a peruvian jungle from an archaeological team, whose 2 divers are gone in an ancient sinkhole and didn’t came back. Dirk found them inside the long hole and bring them back alive. But this was not just one simple rescue mission, its just the starting of a big and dangerous adventure where not only they but one more deadly group is behind a lost treasure of Incas & Chachapoyan cultures, and its not a simple chase but a deadly one.

Clive Cussler

Clive Cussler

The above description of the basic plot is just a simple description, ask me, its lot more than that. Clive has used all possible kind of adventures in this one book, hence the book I s a fat one, total of 619 pages. It has everything, a little of historical adventure & data, then escape from art looters group, and then an adventure to find the lost treasure, and lastly but not the last, the superhuman efforts by the lead hero. 619 pages did one negative thing though, at some places the story look a bit slow, and it seems author wants to cover everything in just one book, hence it was not as good and fast paced as Matthew Reilly books. But this book could be count as one of the best from him if you wanted to start reading him. I enjoyed reading this. Language-wise its easy, full of adventure & secret places. And the way the main hero survives looks very uncharacteristic of real life events but Hero is a Hero, if he dies easily then why we call them Heroes.

All-in-all, I can say that for fantasy adventure lovers, this is a good book, but be preapared to read a fat book, enjoy it at your own leisure pace, and then you can enjoy it. I rate it as 5.5/8.


Jai Raam ji ki:)

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