201142Book : Facing The Frozen Ocean (2004)
Author: Bear Grylls
Genre : Non Fiction/Real-Life Survival Adventure
Pages : 306+
Cost : Amazon.in (Rs.250)
GR8 Meter: 7/8 YES

Well let me first wish you all a very Happy New Year 2016, and I wish this new year will bring joy and prosperity in your life, and now let me start review of a book which is written by one of the most known and daring person living on this planet, and with whom we all are very familiar – Bear Grylls(Yup, the Man Vs. Wild Guy), and this is a book about his adventure in North Atlantic Ocean expedition in an open RIB i.e. Rigid Inflatable Boat and the book name is FACING THE FROZEN OCEAN.

One fine day Edward Michael Grylls aka Bear Grylls decide to do a crossing of treacherous and cold North Atlantic Ocean in an open boat, when he heard from someone, and decided to give it a try with all his life, and hes back from the Everest expedition. He gather the courage, the information, details, and esp his team-mates who can put their lives on stake, since for them or him, it is not at all easy to cross a stormy and hell-cold sea even with all gears in an open boat, the ocean where you not only find typhoons, but floating glaciers as well. In the end he decided, and make a team of 5 including himself which comprises his friends and an engineer from Navy. He arranged for sponsors, and he arranged for backup & rescue plans with Navy at his side, and took this highly dangerous and adventurous expedition in his boat, expedition named ARNOLD & SON TRANSATLANTIC EXPEDITION 2003.

Coventry_Scouts_groups_have_a_visit_from_Bear_GryllsBear Grylls born as a Britisher in Ireland on 7 June 74, and is a well known tv personality who do survival shows in extreme condition, one of the famous and knows series is MAN VS WILD, also he use to give motivation lectures, and he always shows interest in adventure happening, like he has climbed Mt.Everest, and then this epic adventure of crossing so many miles in life endangering conditions. His journey started from Halifax Nova Scotia in Canada, passing Newfoundland, crossing the dangerous and vast stretch of Labrador Sea, touching Greenland, then to Iceland crossing Denmark Strait, and back to John O Groats in northern Scotland.

The book is written in the simplest of English, yes do you require Shakespearian language to describe adventure or to inspire someone, no, if I dont understand the word, do you expect me to get inspired, nope sir, you have to speak in my language, and thats what one of the beauty of this inspiring take of 5 daring men. Bear starts the book from the experience of his Everest climbing, and then how this idea originated in his mind, what difficulties he faced and finally living his dreams through hell of times he faced on ocean. Everytime it feels that hes talking to his reader, and the reader lost in the events. The book is 306+ pages long divided over 14 titled chapters, each chapter starts with a great saying, some photographs, glossary, acknowledgement, and a map of the itinerary. I covered these many pages in 27 days(sorry for my habit of reading multiple books at a time). This book is a leap of faith, and inspire all of us to give that something extra out of our life to achieve the impossible goals.

So this book is a must-have adventure non-fiction item in your collection, and its my first ever read of him, and I am highly impressed, will order another from him soon. Do give it a try. I rate 7/8.


the man who risks nothing, gains nothing.


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