5152NbREivLBook: Scarecrow And The Army Of Thieves (2011)
Author: Matthew Reilly
Genre: Thriller/Adventure
Pages: 471
Cost: (Rs.277)
GR8 Meter: 5/8 YES

So few days back, I have completed 1 more book from 1 of my fav writer – MATTHEW REILLY – SCARECROW & THE ARMY OF THIEVES, and in few words – its a fast action paced story, centralized on the’good-win-over-bad’ theme, so ideally 1 liner story and lots of impossible action scenes, you’ll like if you love action, but if you like more on twists, and adventure, it may disappoint you.

Here’s the story – The book starts with some incident like breaking of jails or stealing military level guns, or submarines by an unknown group who called themselves ARMY OF THIEVES, and now they put a threat to world’s governments – they now hold a strategic secret Russian cold-war location called Dragon Island, and intended to use one of their cold-war destructive weapon which will burn the atmosphere by using its oxygen, and they have initiated the weapon. Can US / Russia stop this rogue army led by a man who call himself LORD of ANARCHY, from detonating the atmosphere. And its the best mission for John Schofield aka SCARECROW to stop this mission and save the world with his team of service personnel and civilians.

Australian author Matthew Reilly on Friday 15, May, 2009

Australian author Matthew Reilly on Friday 15, May, 2009

I got this book from and cost me Rs.277, the book is 471 pages long which comprises of the story and a Matthew Reilly’s interview, the book is divided over separate parts like prologue, and phases, and as usual has the distinctive style of MR – diagrams of locations. This is one of the best thing I always like of MR, many-a-times it happens that the writer is trying to make a scene, and he’s explaining what kind of action is going-on, and the area where it is happening, but the reader was not able to imagine the geographies of locations because of complexities, but MR give these diagrams, and make us easy to imagine location in a much better way. Storywise, there’s not much, yes there’s a twist in between, but after reading so many books, you can guess the final twist or you can atleast guess that there could be this kind of twist, and which will come eventually. This book is full of action, and all the action is happening at one place in this 400+ pages book. I am a fan of MR’s Jack West Jr. series, which is more on adventure/fantasy and imagination part, and I loved that series, so yes, I was kind-of disappointed by this book. Lot of action with not much advancement of story let me down, and MR took extra pages, it could be completed withing less no of pages. But if youre a scarecrow fan, you can opt for this one. Languagewise its easy, and it will take few days for you to complete this one.

I took 8 days in completing this book(fast enough!) at an avg of 58 pages per day, I created a record on a Sunday – read 150+ pages on that day. You take your time, I will rate 5/8.

Jai Raam ji ki:)


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