The Hunt for Thrill!!

2445116Book: The Hunt For Atlantis (2007)
Author: Andy McDermott
Genre: Historical Thriller
Pages: 650
Cost: Don’t Remember!!
GR8 Meter: 4/8 NO

THE HUNT FOR ATLANTIS, hmm an attractive name for a novel, and the name itself suggests about what. Yes this is one more of hunting Atlantis novel amongst many others, I guess I have read 2 of them(of 1 I am sure), so this one becomes my one more read about the lost city of ATLANTIS. The difference. this one written by Andy McDermott.

Well, lets see who’s Andy McDermott is -(Source: Wikipedia), He is a britisher by birth, born 1974, and is renowned Thriller writer, I am reading him for the first time though, and I guess this is his first novel of the series of the lead characters, and he again seems to be enticed with the most famous genres of today’s times – historical thriller, and I am fan of this genre.

Book starts with a hunting expedition in Tibet Himalayan ranges, where the pair of Henry-Laura Wilde and his team, when they’re about to discover some hidden truth related with the lost city of Atlantis and they were killed by a secret brotherhood led by Giovanni Qobras. Few days and its present time. TA.DA, an aspiring historian and language expert Nina Wilde(obviously the late pair’s daughter) is going on a mission funded by a big Norway-based organization led by Kristian Frost(with a K), and some more characters came into view – Eddie Chase who is obvious hero of the story, and appointed Nina’s bodyguard, and few  more, and this hunt for atlantis take them through the Amazonian jungles, and Iran and Tibet too, but this is not enough, yes, you guessed it right, there could be more twists, what if the one you think as right ones, turned out as the bad ones and vice versa. Well, there you had it! Easy guess na!

61EGtsqsgrL._UX250_The only difference is not the author, but there are some more differences, like this book is not that good which I thought, nope sir. This book(published by Hachette India) is 650 pgs long, and 650 pages to search for Atlantis, the story is very uneven and not that acceptable. Both the groups are finding Atlantis, one because they want to find it, and one because they want nobody should find it, OH GOD! Then why the heck are you searching for it, let it be like that and just concentrate on killing your opponents. Then there’s a virus thing, which didn’t fit in my mind, howcome finding Atlantis will help fellow Atlanteans in surviving the virus. And the obvious twist of Good turning to bad. I don’t know if you would be able to guess this twist, but I have read enough novels of this genre, that I was able to guess this right from starting. The other book on ATLANTIS which I read(I guess its name was ATLANTIS only). that book was better than this, but its language was a bit hard though, that’s not the case here. And let me say this too(OH! I was waiting to say this!), 650 pages is too much for this story, when you could easily cover it in few pages, yes there is a lot of action with some moving story(unlike my last read of undisturbed action in MR’s’ Scarecrow & Army of Thieves’), but still its too much.

Even if you read or many write story on same historical thriller fiction, and many times it seems repetitive, but still you make it stand out, if you keep it short and sweet(that means simple). I guess this is my 2nd instance of not liking a historical thriller novel, the other one was Chris Kuzneski’s one novel, OH GOD! that was terrible!(and a coincidence that novel also contains the HUNT word, HUNT came to HUNT me again). This one you can avoid, I rate 2.5/5.


Deadly Race against time, Oh YEAH! Don’t waste your time.

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