9781409134251Book: The Great Zoo of China (2014)
Author: Matthew Reilly
Genre: Sci-fi /  Thriller
Pages: 481
Cost: Rs.219 (Amazon.in)
GR8 Meter: 5.5/8 YES

Latest from the store of one of my fav writer MATTHEW REILLY is the novel THE GREAT ZOO OF CHINA, and after 15 days at the rate of 32 pgs per day, I completed this one, so here’s the review of this book. This book just like as other books of MR is full of action, but this is as of now a standalone novel featuring a new hero – Cassandara Jane Cameron or CJ, the reptilian specialist.

The story is a re-imagination of yesteryear classic JURASSIC PARK, on which we have seen novel by Michael Crichton & Sir Arthur Conan Doyle & movie adaptations by Steven Spielberg, and this time its Matthew Reilly, plus these are not dinosaurs, these are DRAGONS.

China is having everything they require to become the superpower of world, the boss nation of the world, but still its not, US is, even when US owns a lot of debt to China, and if china wants it can crash US & world’s economies. But they still lack many things if compared to US, and one of it is the becoming the cultural ruler of World. US has Disneyland, but China.

They built a ZOO, with unknown species, and world’s best architecture, and security controls. And they’re pulling up higher level of diplomats and guests to view their miracle before they open it to public. So among the dragon folklore and truths, this zoo become hunted by the ever-intelligent creature the dragons, AND THEY’RE NOW ON LOOSE. CJ Cameron is the one who will try to protect the world from this deadliest creature.

Australian author Matthew Reilly on Friday 15, May, 2009

Australian author Matthew Reilly on Friday 15, May, 2009

This book is characteristic MR book, full of mind-blowing action, action and action, and this time MR goes out of bounds in terms of actions, he redefined actions, and actions level has increased upto such level that it becomes unbelievable. CJ riding dragon, dragon fights, CJ & dragon’s duels, amazing and not believable, it could have been reduced to acceptable levels, but this book was not written for that intention. So you can enjoy the book, if you like action. Plus I found this book better than my last read of him – Scarecrow and Army of Thieves, which was only action and less story. Here it is action plus some story. Yes you bound to compare it with the classic, but still there are some fresh elements here, which keep you hooked, and a lot of efforts gone into the mapping and description of zoo’s architecture.

Speaking of language, it is simple read, and my copy extended for 481 pages, containing MR’s interview at the end, and is published by Hachette India, I bought this one from Amazon.in for Rs.219. I will recommend this book with a rating of 5.5/8, and I would like to see its movie adaptation soon.


Jai Raam ji ki:)

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