Revenge of the Revenant..

y450-293Book: The Revenant (2002)
Author: Michael Punke
Genre: Historical/Biographical Fiction
Pages: 308
Cost: Rs.271 (
GR8 Meter: 6.5/8 YES

Finally after such a long time, I got the time to write a full-fledged review about 1 book, which I liked and finished on 18th april 2016 “THE REVENANT” written by Michael Punke, US ambassador to WTO Geneva. Well, initially I was not aware of any such book till the movie got released, and my brother asked me to watch it, he liked the movie in bits and pieces, and then when I searched I found that the movie(which got Leonardo his 1st oscar) is based on this book, and I thought, I will read the book first and then I’ll watch the movie, and completed my task finally.

This book was originally published in 2002, and is a work of fact+fiction, it is inspired by true life of an American adventurer-cum-trader-Indian(american local tribes) expert Hugh Glass, and his endeavors with a Trading company led by Captain Andrew Henry, through the wilderness of Western america landscapes through Missouri river and its distributaries/tributaries, and which is infested by native Indians who don’t like these Anglo-americans. And during this affair, the hunting party left Grass alone when he got injuired by a Grizzly’s attack in the midst of such land, and then the story evolves around the survival of Glass alongwith his hunger of getting revenge from the guys who left him behind – Jim Bridger & John Fitzgerald.

MTM1MTQyNDYzNDUwNjU1MzYzSPOILER ALERT. Before going further on book’s review, let me point out some differences between the book and the adaptation. As the movie suggested that it is based on the parts of book, that is correct, since there are huge differences between the book and the movie. As shown in movie, that Glass took revenge of his son’s death, no sir, there is no son of him existed in the book, and he took revenge of his own misery, into which those 2 guys left him. Again, there is no ‘Powaqa’ named character in the book, whom the Indian tribe is searching for, neither the book shows french conquistadors. And then the huge difference in the book and in reality, Glass didn’t killed anybody, he left Fitzgerald on his own. Also, in the movie, Glass’s character just wandered aimlessly in the lost land, but in the book, he has idea where he is heading to.

Now, let’s head back to the book. This book is one of the best non-fictional account I have ever read with some fiction added for better story, the book is written in simple language, and has given full essence of the country Glass is roaming, you get the feel, and the book concentrated more on Glass’s misery and his survival feelings, and the readers get hooked to instantly. Book is not that long, just 300 odd pages(I took around 39 days to cover), and it also contains the map of area showing the paths of trading company and other characters including Glass. The movie was very slow, and I can simply say that you can watch the movie once, for it is made nicely, but if you haven’t read the book, then you’re definitely missing something. I will say that if you love adventures and stuff, then you should read this one, I rate 6.5/8.


Survival of the fittest.

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