A..B..C..Who’s D??

Book: The ABC Murders (1936)

Author: Agatha Christie 

Genre: Crime/ Detective 
Pages: 331
Cost: Rs.117 (Amazon.in)
GR8 Meter: 5.5/8 YES

I have completed this novel on 17th july but now only got the time to write a proper review for it, so without wasting any more time and words, here’s my review on AGATHA CHRISTIE’s novel THE ABC MURDERS.

This was my 3rd read of her after MURDER ON ORIENT EXPRESS and MURDER OF ROGER ACKROYD. Well all 3 books have murder word in common coz AC was a wonderful crime thriller writer and the more and more you read her, the more and more you get intrigued by her and get interested to buy more books of her, after reading this one I bought another. My copy is printed by Harper Collins and it cost me Rs.117, it goes for 331 pages divided across 35 chapters, and its a pocket book version.

This mystery is about a serial killer who is on loose who calls himself ABC and who challenges our detective Hercule Poirot before committing murder by sending him clues daring him if he can solve that in time and can save the victim. I will not reveal more than this since its better that you should read the novel to get more details. But 1 thing I can assure you that this is one of the best mystery I’ve ever read, and it will not disappoint you.

Simple language, a fast paced story glued the reader till the end and mystery was good too till the end, no wonder I took 11 days to complete this book leaving behind my hobby of watching movies daily just to complete this novel. Though I must admit that 11 days are still counted as more days but hey I worked too and I am a married man:)

Now some info on author: Agatha Christie was born 15 sept 1890 in Torquay South West England. She started writing detective stories during first world war and her debut novel was THE MYSTERIOUS AFFAIR AT STYLES which took a long time to write and to find a publisher for it. And during this war time Hercule Poirot was born based on a Belgian refugee who is a former Belgian policeman. She has written 73 novels,  this one was numbered 21 and was first published in 1936. She died on 12th January 1976.

The character Hercule Poirot is not as stylish and fast thinker as Sherlock Holmes, but he is still quite a detective. He thinks in right way and didn’t let anyone know till the time come. Will he be able to catch this maniac on loose? I rate 5.5/8

GRuchirG( Ji RUCHIR Ji)

Jai Raam ji ki:)

About GRuchirG ("Jee" Ruchir "Jee")!

Well, I am an Indian, by birth and by soul, and my hobbies are Traveling, reading novels, listening music, watching movies, and writing Reviews/Blogs/Stories. "kaun kehta hai aasma mein surakh nahi ho sakta ek patthar to tabiyat se uchaalo yaaro" (Who Says you can't make a hole in the sky, Just throw a stone with all your will-power) You can do what you want to, you just have to be true with yourself, you are not answerable to anybody but yourself. So never lose hope and just try and try till you die..
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