Chasing the Bandit!!

THE CHASE (2007) 6.5/8 Yes Thriller Rs.100 ( Clive Cussler

One more down in the CLIVE CUSSLER’ ISAAC BELL series and this time its the 1st book of series THE CHASE (my 2nd read of series after book THE WRECKER and my 3rd read of Clive Cussler after INCA GOLD). I have 1 more with me of same series. It took me 36 days for 489 odd pages. THE CHASE was published in 2007 nov. I already became fan of this series when I read series’ 2nd book ‘The Wrecker’. This series is very different from other detective series as it goes to the era of starting 1900s americas. And 1 thing I found after reading these 2 books that in both the books the author revealed the culprit quite early (in The Wrecker villain name came in middle pgs, here within 100 pgs itself) but the main maza of these books are the chases and detective’s effort to prove that the culprit is guilty by catching him. And both these books involved trains (my another love). Loved this series. 

THE CHASE story goes like, a locomotive and a boxcar was fetched from depth of a lake in 1950 and then the story went to 1906 when there’s a notorious bandit and killer was on loose named as BUTCHER BANDIT and its Isaac Bell, the famous detective from Van Dorn Detective Agency who got the case.

For rest, please do read the book. Clive Cussler has given this series, I guess, the charm of a finely paced detective story with a guy on loose and a detective behind him. If you take Hercule Poirot, it shows the peculiarity of a case solving where the crime is already happened and now by the deductions he have to solve it. If you take Sherlock, again the same urge of solvation but he is more advanced in observations and deductions. If you take the famous James Bond, his cases are high end chase thrillers which are top-of-action drama. Ian Bell is a silent minded detective with highly intuitive mind who take his sweet time but never loses his criminal. Hence the books of him are on the higher side of pages. The writer explains every ongoings with proper descriptions. He make it a good journey book, enjoyable and yet not ending, you want it to extend more and more. And it als contains train chases ( i did mention that I love trains). I recommend this book with a rating of 6.5/8.

GRuchirG (“Jee” Ruchir “Jee”)

Jai Raam ji ki đŸ™‚


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