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THE LOVELY BONES (2002) 4/8 No Drama Rs.50 ( Alice Sebold [3.77/1633422 ratings Goodreads]

Review #416 (Book Review #116) :

Got this book from from the 2nd hand store, and it costs me Rs.50 (0.78 US $), was a good deal and the book’s condition was okay, plus I was very much interested in reading the story behind the movie, yes I have seen the movie long back, and liked it. Started reading the book on 6th Mar 2017 and finally today finished it (very low speed), but that can be said about the book genre.

SPOILERS AHEAD: So the story goes like, a girl named Susie Salmon got killed by a pervert and psychopathic kind of guy and goes missing. Then how it affects the family formed the crux of the whole novel. It’s not written in a thriller genre, but its written in drama, emotional way, it emphasizes on how the death of a young girl affect her family. And let me tell you, the book is written in first person view, from the eyes of Susie herself, she’s in heaven and observing all the lives unfolding beneath on the earth, how her death affected her lovable father, cute sister, her mother and small brother and her first crush of school.

Alice Sebold is the writer and this is my 1st read of her, though this is her 2nd novel (as per wikipedia) first published in 2002, and as I already told you above that a film adaptation is already there, which I liked, though same cannot be said about the book. Rare it happens that adaptation scores better than source. This book is certainly not for all. If you love simple family matters and drama emotional stuff, you probably will love this book, since in whole 328 pages, that was what concentrated upon by the writer. Finding the murderer was easy, also that was not the purpose of story, but how the family cope up with the tragedy is this book all about.

Language wise its okay, but some lengthy sentences along with first person usage made it somewhat difficult for the reader to follow the author’s thought process. And since not much of a story to offer, even 328 pages seems dragging. Let me tell you I am a very serious reader – read epics like Hawaii, Alaska (James Michener) and Lord of The Rings ( JRR Tolkien) and rated all of them a full rating 8/8 so it cannot be said that I cannot handle a mere 328 pgs. Plus i never liked books with heavy wordings (though this book has none), since for me a good writer is that person who will be able to convey his meaning in most easiest way ( you dont need dictionaries). Yes but this book cannot be read fast else you’ll lose the gist of it. Sonetimes it seems that love making is the only priority of that girl, but that was not required to elaborate that much, we have Paulho Coelho for that, yes it could be said that at that adolescence age of 12 -15 it is too obvious to have that feeling but as a writer there are many other things she could have concentrated in her book ( I didnt read Paulho Coelho’s 11 minutes after that first vivid description by the girl, you may get if you have read it)

I rate this one a 4/8 on the basis of story and audience targeted, you can avoid this book, only lover of specific genres can read this one.


Jai Raam ji ki 🙂

GR8 Meter: Story (different/usual) (2), Way of writing (easy to read/hard/vocabulary) (2), Length (Interesting/Boring) (1), Target Readers (for all/specific)(1), Characterization (Perfect/Blur/as per requirement of plot) (1), Credibility (Believable/thought provoking) (1)

This Book scores: Story 0.5, Credibility 1, Target readers 0.5, Characterization 0.5

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