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EIGER DREAMS (1997) 6.5/8 Yes Non-Fiction Adventure Rs.160 (Amazon.in) Jon Krakauer [3.97/14983 ratings Goodreads]

Review #421 (Book Review #121) :

16 days and 186 pgs later I completed my 3rd read of Journalist Jon Krakauer’s non fiction book EIGER DREAMS. It is a collection of 12 different stories aka experiences of different feats in the field of climbing (mountain, boulders, waterfalls, ice caps etc), including stories and names of the people related and their feats. These all stories / articles are written by him and got published sometimes here and there. Below are the details chapter-wise:

1. Eiger Dreams: It contains the memoirs of mountaineers climbing the Eiger, including himself.

2. Gill: It including another form of mountain climbing called Bouldering i.e. climbing steep and high boulders, and includes experience of John Gill, famous boulderer.

3. Valdez Ice: It contains expereinced of another type of difficult climbing, waterfall climbing at val-DEEZ Alaska.

4. On Being Tentbound: Here Jon explains one more important aspects related to mountaineering, being tentbound, the courage not only includes difficult climbing, but also the skills to survive, when there is a long storm, and you have to remain inside tent with your co-climbers or maybe alone even, can you survive the climb psychologically.

5. The Flyboys Of Taalkeetna: It includes the race between different air pilots who make their living by depositing the climbers and their gears to nearby mountains of Talkeetna Alaska.

6. Club Denali: It including the experiences related with Mt.Mckinley and the mountaineers who became part of this Denali experience.

7. Chamonix: Chamonix is a place which is specifically known as the climbers paradise, it situated on the border of France, Italy & Switzerland, and the life of the city situated near Mont Blanc.

8. Canyoneering: This includes the experience of canyon climbing and discovering in the Arizona areas, and how still so many of these wonderful canyons not yet discovered.

9. A Mountain Higher Than Everest?: It includes the historical stories and descriptions about competing mountains and calculation of their heights, how some mountains scared Mt. Everest’s claim of being the highest mountain of the world.

10. The Burgess Boys: It covers the story of Burgess brothers who were very notorious yet very known due to their unique nature.

11. A Bad Summer On K2: It includes the climbing experiences in and around Mt. K2 in Hindukush mountain range.

12. The Devil’s Thumb: This is the last story but not the least. It is the personal experience account of Jon himself, what difficulties he faced when he decided to climb the Devil’s Thumb situated at a remote location at Alaska Canada border.

The book is a well prepared non fiction account of the heroics and deeds done in climbing arena, since the book is thin, it is full time pass and not at all boring, also it is not one story, its 12 different stories hence it glued you till end, and the language is easy, anyone-can-read types. I have read his other 2 non fictional books ‘Into the wild’ and ‘Into thin air’ and liked all these 3 books. I recommend it to even a new reader, rating 6.5/8.


Jai Raam ji ki đŸ™‚

GR8 Meter: Story (different/usual) (2), Way of writing (easy to read/hard/vocabulary) (2), Length (Interesting/Boring) (1), Target Readers (for all/specific)(1), Characterization (Perfect/Blur/as per requirement of plot) (1), Credibility (Believable/thought provoking) (1)

This Book scores: Story 1.5, Way of writing 2, Length 1, Target Readers 0.5, Characterization 0.5, Credibility 1

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