Kill Switch!!

HARD ROAD (2016) 5.5/8 YES Thriller Rs.9 (Amazon Kindle) JB Turner [4.13/4671 ratings Goodreads]

Review #425 (Book Review #125) :

Completed my 2nd ever kindle read HARD ROAD by JB Turner, never read him earlier. Only bought this book when I found out its price which is only Rs.9. So ordered and completed this book.

About Author: I haven’t heard his name before so he’s new to me. As per wikipedia, he is an english thriller writer born in 1964 Edinburgh Scotland. He has written 2 thriller series – Jon Reznick (6) & Deborah Jones (2)

About Book: This is a Jon Reznick thriller book 1. He is an ex American special forces man, who do political killings / killings which include US threats, and that is a super secret work, he get his instructions from someone high up in the system, and he got everything he want. But this time (apparantly its the 1st book :P) he got entangled on the wrong side of law, and his daughter has been kidnapped, can he help FBI in unfolding the terror threat or will he side with wrong party to save his daughter??

Why to read? Well, its a fast paced thriller, no doubt, though I can guess that me as well as you who are a big fan of Hollywood thriller movies / novels, can find this story again on the same old lines but still you enjoy reading this fast paces action thriller, and this book is fine for a kindle reader, why, because kindle version usually comes at cheaper rates, this one a lot cheaper and if you’re on Kindle Unlimited plan then its free (I’m not). So a good read with full time pass guarantee

Why to avoid? Again, of you’re not into thriller genre then don’t read, and if you are bores of the same old sh*t then avoid this one.

My take: Well I recommended it with a rating of 5.5/8 on my GR8 meter.


Jai Raam ji ki 🙂

GR8 Meter: Story (different/usual) (2), Way of writing (easy to read/hard/vocabulary) (2), Length (Interesting/Boring) (1), Target Readers (for all/specific)(1), Characterization (Perfect/Blur/as per requirement of plot) (1), Credibility (Believable/thought provoking) (1)

This Book scores: Story 0.5, Way of writing 1, Length 1, Target readers 0.5, Characterization 0.5

About GRuchirG ("Jee" Ruchir "Jee")!

Well, I am an Indian, by birth and by soul, and my hobbies are Traveling, reading novels, listening music, watching movies, and writing Reviews/Blogs/Stories. "kaun kehta hai aasma mein surakh nahi ho sakta ek patthar to tabiyat se uchaalo yaaro" (Who Says you can't make a hole in the sky, Just throw a stone with all your will-power) You can do what you want to, you just have to be true with yourself, you are not answerable to anybody but yourself. So never lose hope and just try and try till you die..
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