Trek in the beauty of Himalayas!!

THE LAND OF FLYING LAMAS (2013) 3.5/5 YES Travelogue Rs.0 (Amazon Kindle Unlimited) Gaurav Punj [3.52/158 ratings Goodreads]

Review #430 (Book Review #130) :

256 pages, and as per kindle 3hrs 38 min is typical time to complete it (if you read non stop) but I completed in 5 days at the speed of 51 pgs/day is not a bad speed at all, I present you my review of another travelogue I read THE LAND OF FLYING LAMAS by GAURAV PUNJ.

Its a travelogue of trekking in Himalayas and as per the writer, he covered the other himalaya. Meaning, not the himalaya where everybody goes or trek, but the lesser known high or trans himalayas. His book contains 10 stories, prologue, epilogue and appendix. He covers lesser-known treks in Kashmir, Ladakh, Kulu, Spiti, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Arunachal & Uttarakhand. It has a foreword by Harish Kapadia who is a Himalayan mountaineer and an appendix having some details related to treks like what is altitude sickness, what diets to follow, written by Rujuta Diwekar, a nutrician expert, also wife of the writer.

Now something about the author himself, Gaurav Punj, who, as per the book, studied Master of Engineering in california, and worked in a corporate, finally giving up his job, came back to his Himalayan root and started a trek company CWH (Connect With Himalaya).

Now about the book, this book is a really good book, and while reading you feel more and more to leave this book and instead go on a himalayan trek as shown and explained in the book, it is that mesmerizing. Why I was not there? The book is written in the same way like the writer is directly talking to us and not writing a book. He use direct dialogues here and there, the co-trekkers experiences, used lot of Hindi words, as it is the natural language for him to speak. The book follows a structure, i.e. each story aka chapter is divided into parts, like the setting, the stage, the cast & the act. Plus he has also given some local references for readers if they want to pursue that trek. Information and enjoyment wise the book is really good.

Now, let’s discuss some of the negative points of the book. The book has some wonderful colored photos which he or his fellow-trekkers clicked en route, but all the photos are published at one place while references given throughout the book, e.g., this is the place, refer to page xx for the photo. This style really annoys me as a reader, I think as a reader one may not just go back and forth to relate the setting with the photograph and its really time consuming and difficult, the photos should appear right there where the setting was mentioned in the book, it helps the readers relating to it, get more feel of the thing he’s reading, plus save a lot of refernces and statements, a lot of statements wasted in references. The english used is elementary level, well that’s good in some part, as you don’t need much vocab to understand it, but for more-literates out there, they may not like the so-easy english language studded with hindi words, plus 2 – 3 statements looked like incomplete. Plus 2 of the stories seems just like filling pages, nothing much detail or interesting thing shared.

I got this book from Kindle Unlimited plan so it didnt cost me a dime, plus currently I am on a 30 days free trial plan, so i can’t complain as to what I get to read. Still I think Amazon has quite a limited collection in unlimited plan, plus the books are not that known as well. Coming back to book, I will rate it a 3.5/5. Do check it out of you want to read or go on a Himalayan trek.

GRuchirG. (Jee Ruchir Ji)

Jai Raam ji ki 🙂


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