CURSE. ….to be continued

HARAPPA: CURSE OF THE BLOOD RIVER (2017) 3.5/5 YES Mythical Thriller Fiction Rs.0 (Amazon Kindle Unlimited) Vineet Bajpai [4.09/891 ratings Goodreads]

Review #431 (Book Review #131) :

So, one more feast of mine on free trial of amazon unlimited is over, completed 1st read of a new-breed Indian writer Vineet Bajpai, named HARAPPA CURSE OF THE BLOOD RIVER.

Let us check the author first: He is an entreprenur, 39 yrs of age at the time of publishing this book. Created 2 companies, was youngest CEO of another, also written 3 inspirational management books as well.

Now, let us concentrate on the story. Vidyut Shastri is an entrepreneur and owner of a digital security company in Delhi and lives with his girlfriend Damini and there’s a secret attached to him and his life, he was never supposed to come to Varanasi due to a curse, but sudden turn of events led him to visit his only blood-relationship his grandfather Dwarka Shastri in Varanasi, the holiest and mythical city of India. And in the alternate timeline, there’s a preist named Vivasan Pujari who is the head of ancient civilization of Harappa in 1700 BCE, who is a half human half god, and his life is going to be upside down. How will the two timelines meet and how they’re related and what happens next is the crux of this mythological-thriller story.

Well this story is nicely framed, I thought at the time of starting that I may not like it, but it impressed me, and I enjoyed it. Yes, this story has lot of cons, maybe more than pros, but it entertains me, and I was stuck to the pages for more details on ongoing events. This story is written in 2 timelines, much like the famous book ‘Chanakya’s Chant’ written by a famous thriller writer Ashwin Sanghi. Here too the writer was able to take reader’s attention in both the timelines, however many times you may fail, if one version becomes more interesting than the other, and one can stop reading in middle if one part seems boring.

The characters are well etched and everyone get ample space, the plot seems known but interesting, english is pretty decent. It took me 9 days to finish this 282 pgs book. But there are lot of negatives involved – 1. he acknowledged some authors of this genre like Dan Brown, it seems he got inspired, and looks like it 2. he tries harder in starting to create an excitement in story 3. he falters in beginning, at one moment 1 person is shown negative, another moment positive, also some mistake is there in relationship identification amongst 2 characters, earlier A->B is brother-in-law and in next chapter B->A is brother-in-law, a huge mistake. Some more similar kind of error made in timeline description and sentence repeatation.

4. one more thing I hated here is the style of speech, 2 different girls from different background was given the same style of speech, adding a ‘yaa‘ in between, it’s not that common yaa 5. one of the penultimate climax involves sword fight between lots of guys and in a busy crowd, but no one else was aware of the commotion happening, it’s not easy to hide a big fight, come on guys 6. Dwarka Shastri’s character was able to read mind thoughts of everyone else, even able to sense danger, but is not able to read a particular character’s thought-process why?

But still the novel is interesting and a nice read for a journey or any time. But the story is not complete, ended abruptly, waiting for 2nd part now. I rate 3.5/5


Jai Raam ji ki 🙂

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