Sharpen the teeths boy!!

DRAGON TEETH (2017) 2.5/5 MAYBE Thriller/Adventure Rs.228 ( Michael Crichton [3.75/12012 ratings Goodreads]

Review #434 (Book Review #134) :

Completed the latest book of Michael Crichton which was published posthumously and said as one of his unpublished work which was in 2017 arranged and got published with the help of his wife. As per the bibliography mentioned on wikipedia, this novel was #28 in the fiction category, previous to this came ‘Micro’ & ‘Pirate Latitudes’ both again published posthumously and completed by someone else, I’ve read them both, till now I’ve read total of 14 books written by him including this one. and I’m a fan of him.

DRAGON TEETH is a somewhat fictionalized story of 2 real time paleontologist Marsh & Cope during 1800s whose enmity was very famous at that time and they both always tried to get as much fossil bones as they can and try to prove their superiority over each other. It’s a story of one such expedition told by the eyes of a fictional character Johnson when he accompanies first Marsh and then Cope in their one expedition due west america when it was infested heavily by american-indian wars.

Some of the events are real while many are fictionalized so as to add adventurous feel to the novel. Though I can’t comment on reality of book as who had written it or is it completed by someone else, but somehow it look odd as a MC’s work, because I have read a lot of his novels and all his novels had lots of science words and hard facts involved, this seems a leisure writing, as the language was pretty easy unlike many of his novels. Though the book is good if you consider a backyard adventure read a good read, as it will certainly pass your time.

But still this book can be given a miss if you want, and you can comcentrate on many other novels written by him, for a MC fan like me, go for it. I rate 2.5/5

GRuchirG (“Jee” Ruchir “Ji”)

Jai Raam ji ki 🙂


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