Origin.. of LIFE!!

ORIGIN (2017) 3.5/5 YES Sci-fi Thriller Rs.68 (Amazon Kindle) Dan Brown [3.84/78178 ratings Goodreads]

Review #435 (Book Review #135) :

The top 3 writers in my all-time fiction novel list are Michael Crichton, Matthew Reilly and Dan Brown in no particular order. MC gave many scifi techno thrillers with the amazing Jurassic Park. MR gave many action packed thriller but for me his Jack West Jr series make me his fan. Dan Brown on other hand has written many historical thrillers and scifi thrillers, and it is his book which is on my No.1 All time Fiction book list THE DA VINCI CODE, which inspired me in the first place to start reading, it was one of the first books I’ve ever read. Today, I can say that I’ve read all of DB’s novels, however there are still few books remaining for the other 2 writers. Here’s my review of his latest book ORIGIN, which belongs to his famous character ROBERT LANGDON series (#5) but again a standalone novel and was first published in 2017.

The story starts with a computer scientist and futurist Edmond Kirsch explaining the 3 religious leaders about his new discovery which can shook the very base of all the religions of the world, and he told them that in some time he will be going public. But at the public event which held in Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, he got killed in the midst of his presentation, thus raising many suspicions on the religious leaders. And in this chaos, Robert Langdon (Kirsh’s friend & mentor) got entangled alongwith the future queen of spain Ambra Vidal (also the curator of the museum) and have to run from the location to avoid capture by spanish royal guards. His aim is only to bring the truth to the world which Kirsch promised. And then the wild chase begins.

The starting of the book is exciting and give its readers a thought, and they got engaged with the plot. At the point of presentation, when the character Kirsch was about to reveal his secret, he got killed, from then on, writer was able to maintain the suspense which is required to hold the reader till the end of the book. Language is easy, and explanations of locations is as vivid as it can be, just like the trademark Brown. The secret which was revealed let readers feel that they’re not fooled into reading the novel, it was worthy of the book, and I somehow think this book is much better than Brown’s last novels. As even goodreads site reveals the same, till now out of 5 Robert Langdon books from Brown, The lost symbol was the weakest, don’t ask me the best, you already know it. And the secret which was revealed was not the last secret, there was one more twist hidden which got revealed right in the last of the book, and it was more stunning, and left reader bedazzled. Actually that last secret justifies the thought Brown put through this book, Even one of the finding of the book does shows the current sad state of affairs the common people are falling into.

But somehow the length of the book can deter some of the non-serious readers, and the wait for the final secret could take a toll on some readers, the writer has waited a little too long, and it could make the reader feel that the secret was not worthy of the wait.

This book can be read atleast once as this is one of the better books written, and a must for a DB fan. I recommend it with a rating of 3.5/5


Jai Raam ji ki 🙂


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