The EXTREME Race!!

A VOYAGE FOR MADMEN (2002) 4/5 YES Non-fiction Adventure Rs.83 ( Peter Nichols [4.25/2781 ratings Goodreads]

Review #441 (Book Review #141) :

So finally after 27 days, I completed one more book, and which is an achievement for me, why? Well, I will tell you later. Here is the review of a wonderdul book named A VOYAGE FOR MADMEN written by PETER NICHOLS.

This is my 1st read of this writer, one fine day when I was surfing the 2nd hand book app Bookchor, I found this book in a weekday event for very low price, and as I’ve already used this app quite some time, so I know that this is not a bad deal, hence I ordered the book looking at its synopsis. And glad I did! Its a non fiction adventure story of 9 brave men aka madmen.

About the story: In 1968, there held a race sponsored by the UK paper Sunday Times, named the Golden Globe Race – the non-stop Solo circumnavigation of the world in a yacht. You cannot stop at any port, or take the help or supplies from anyone after you start, you have to round all the 3 famous capes – Cape of Good Hope, Cape Leeuwin & the notorious Cape Horn, you have to leave from a port degree latitude, start and end the voyage at the same port, between the date range 1Jun-31oct1968. Otherwise you’ll not be considered for the race or you’ll be disqualified.

About the book: Since it is a non-fiction book, it is having all the real names of all the competitors and all the other person and entities related. There are a total of 9 contestants, and there are 2 prizes to be won – 1st person who will complete the race and fastest person who will complete the race. This book is studded with a seamen’s technical lingo, details about everyone’s preparations for this arduous journey and to-minute details of every boat the contestants are using, reason the writer himself was a seamen, done a solo navigation along the antarctic, so to read this book, many details could go above your head, if you don’t know about in-and-out about boats, but mind it, it will not deter an avid reader like me, that’s why I was able to complete this book in quick time. The read was full of adventure details, and the writing did the justice to their eventful journey.

About the author: As per the description given in the book, Peter Nichols spent 10 years at sea working as a professional yacht captain, living on his small sailboat, he has written other books like ‘Sea Change: Alone Across the Atlantic in a Wooden Boat’ & ‘Voyage to the North Star’. He has taught creative writing at Georgetown university & now lives in Paris.

Final verdict: Its a wonderful book to read, and it will not bore you, and every now and then it will give you a feel of the events our competitors faced. So it’s recommended, and I rate it a 4/5. The non-serious readers OR the readers who avoids non fiction, should avoid this book.


Jai Raam ji ki 🙂

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