A Thug’s tale!! Boring!!

CONFESSIONS OF A THUG (1839) 1.5/5 NO Historical Drama Fiction Rs.64 (Amazon Kindle) Philip Meadows Taylor [3.59/232 ratings Goodreads]

Review #442 (Book Review #142) :

One day I heard about a bollywood movie which is currently in shooting phase named THE THUGS OF HINDOSTAN, which stars heavyweight stars like Amitabh Bachchan & Aamir Khan, so obviously it got my attention, name also looked different, obviously it seems a period piece, so I googled and found its inspiration, and as a big novel reader, I bought its inspiration, a kindle ebook named CONFESSIONS OF A THUG written by Philips Meadows Taylor in 1839, yep a period piece.

Let’s checkout it’s story – Someone is narrating his story to a British Indian officer, and it’s the era of British Raj, when British rules India through East India Company. This guy is a thug and goes by the name Ameer Ali. He narrated his full life story from his adolescent stage till the present time. How did he become a Thug?, details about thuggee, a cult following in middle India which was on rise during that period (not verified, going by the author’s claims), and all his adventures. So basically the novel name stands correct, confession of a thug.

Aesthetics of book – I bought a kindle version once I found out about this book (read 1st para again) and it was available just for Rs.64 (later on it was available only for Rs.29). This book is 399 pages in the kindle normal font format (on kindle android app, phone 5.5inch), and guess what, in this format page numbers changed after 3-4 pages, so 399 are not just 399, but its 399×3 to 4 pgs.

Since this book was written long back in 1800s, its studded with old-style English and many such words which will give grammer error if you write that now on Word. Words like ‘Thou’ ‘hast’ ‘thy’ etc and these words has given to the native characters for their dialogues, looks odd, them speaking such language, but in every book, its upto writer, he only decides the dialogues.

Some more insight into book – The book is quite long, even for an avid reader like me, I’ve read many books having more than this number of pages (399), like ‘Lord of the Rings’, ‘Alaska’, ‘Hawaii’ by James Michener (currently reading ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’), but those books were indeed interesting. LOTR was adventurous and fantastical while other two were interesting piece of historical adventures, but this book was boring. It started well, and it got my interest when the main characters started telling his life journey from a child to adolescence, and then his 1st journey for thug expedition, but then in the whole book, he explained more such expeditions, with nothing much new to add to it. Meaning only some characters are getting added but nothing new happening, kind of you’re reading the same pages again and again for 399 pages. In LOTR, it’s again a journey but those characters got something new everytime, its studded with adventures and many happenings, here, its just plain old story. So its basically a redundant tale after a 100 or so pages.

Let’s talk about the end – End was simple and plain just like someone’s talking and now that discussion is over, so the readers will not get the satisfaction of successfully completing a novel, then what’s the use of reading it. I don’t know how the filmmakers will cope up with the story, I guess they’ll somehow manage the screenplay accordingly so as to make the movie interesting to watch, with some end to it, there are some events in the book which can serve as a good end, and as we all know adaptations will always have some or more cinematic liberties with them so as to suit the viewers.

So I will not recommend anyone to waste their precious energy on this book, as reading it for just some starting pages will not serve the purpose, and 399 pages of a redundant tale is just too much. I rate it 1.5/5 for some of the events and starting pages. Avoid, let me see its adaptation whenever it will release here.

GRuchirG (Jee Ruchir Ji)

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