BINARY (1972) 3.5/5 YES Sci-fi Thriller Rs.77 ( John Lange aka Michael Crichton [3.50/2333 ratings Goodreads]

Review #443 (Book Review #143) :

WHY? I am a huge fan of Michael Crichton and read some of his novels – the andromeda strain, the great train robbery, eaters of the dead, congo, sphere, jurassic park, the lost world, airframe, timeline, prey, state of fear, pirate latitudes, micro & dragon teeth, last 3 published posthumously. Out of these 14 novels, except micro, (you can easily see the difference as it is completed by someone else) I liked all of his works, reason, his edge-of-the-seat thrilling writing and no foolish thrill, most of them are sci-fi thrillers, well supported by scientific facts/assumptions and even having sci-fi jargons thrown in, which makes his books unique, and interesting for me, so when I get a chance of ordering few more books of him in a bookchor sale, I ordered 4 more books online, though 1 got cancelled later. And now I present to you a review of a book which he wrote long back and by the alias JOHN LANGE, not using his real name, book named BINARY.

WHAT? BINARY is a story of a known criminal JOHN WRIGHT who was in continuous surveillance from US defence department, and the guy who follows him, and know in and out about him is JOHN GRAVES. But both men have a similarity, both are exceptional mathematical genius, and can predict many outcomes on basis of assumptions. President is in San Diego, and John Wright also, and it seems something big is planned by him, so to tackle him, Graves and his team is trying to find out what’s going on and to stop if anything bad happens.

HOW? This book is a small sized book having less number of pages, my copy contains 169 pgs in all and I took 7 days to complete it. Its written in easy-to-understand readable language (Crichton) and it’s a fast paced thriller, you will feel you’re part of the action going in the book. Then as usual you have that sci-fi jargon thrown at you with explanations and facts, which add to the credibility of the story. Even in such a small book, Crichton is able to establish the facts and the characters. Its just like a cat-and-mouse game between the 2 main characters of the story.

I didn’t found any negative points with this book, its first published in 1972 but it has the feel of today, though the technology depicted is obviously of that timeline. If you like sci fi thrillers, you can read this, its not a long book as well so even a starter can complete this book with a little discipline. I rate 3.5/5. Go for it!

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