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NA BAIRI NA KOI BEGANA (2018) 3.5/5 YES Autobiography Rs.49 (Amazon Kindle) Surender Mohan Pathak [4.39/33 ratings Goodreads] Hindi

Review #444 (Book Review #144) :

Completed 1 more book and this time its an autobiography, of a famous writer of pulp fiction crime world, our very own loving Indian Hindi language writer SURENDER MOHAN PATHAK aka SMP. He named this book as NA BAIRI NA KOI BEGANA (NO ONE IS ENEMY, NO ONE IS STRANGER) and it is just part 1 of his biography. As I read, the title is said to be inspired by a Gurbani shabad (religious text) from Guru Granth Sahib (the holy book of Sikh Religion) written by the 5th Guru, Guru Arjan Dev.

Now let’s go through his known and Wikipedian biography first: He was born in 1940 in Punjab area of India during the British raj, in undivided India. He is a famous crine fiction and murder mystery writer, very well acknowledged in India amongst Hindi language book readers. He has created many heroes and written in series, books approx 300 in number totally – his series are – Sunil, Vimal, Sudheer, Jeet Singh, Mukesh Mathur, Vivek Agashe, Vikas Gupta, Pramod. Then there are some standalone thrillers and social, children, joke books and written many short stories as well. He also did many Hindi translations for Ian Fleming’s James Bond and James Hadley Chase novels.

Now lets go through a synopsis of what he covered in this book. My kindle ebook consists of 402 pgs, and this is just the part 1 of an autobiography, for 1st time I have seen an autobiography in parts. In author’s words, when he was asked to write his biography, he was actually reluctant as, as per him biography should be written for dead persons, and he is very much alive but when insisted he gave into the pressure by his publisher and hence came this book.

This book is a total open out life story, and not just a biography. Writer has given A to Z details right from his birth till his teen age in hear, a vast coverage of each and every minute detail as well, I don’t know how he was able to remember all of that, how he lived in Lahore (then undivided India, now Pakistan), how his family shifted to free India after the division, and all the happenings of his early years including childhood and teenhood. He has included all the characters from his life and explained about many of them in details.

His early crushes, his relationship with his father, his experience in a huge punjabi joint family, the poor background. Then comes his teen-time when he faced lot of struggles, he was not a smart guy, and many colleagues of his use to bully him, when he decided to write a book, what all problems he faced from his friends, even from his known people, who said something else, and did something else, from many publishers who outright rejected his work. He has used real names, so you could say that book could be considered controversial for those characters whose names he included in his book alongwith their bad deeds.

So, if you take this book as an autobiography, you may consider it maybe as not a good biographical book per se, but if you read it as a life story, you will get intrigued by the characters and happenings he involved in the book. Writer has goes on to explain detail about other chatacters as well. So if you’re a Hindi book reader, and esp. if you’re a fan of SMP like me, go for this book. Consider it as one more nicely written thriller story book of him, just this time he himself is the main hero. I will rate the book as 3.5/5, and I am waiting for his next book.

Why I didn’t give him a full mark because sonetimes to mw the book doesn’t look like a biography which should be the basic soul of this book, also he given too many details, which could be avoided, but hey he’s a storyteller and a pretty good one, thus making his book an interesting read.

GRuchirG (Ji Ruchir G)

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