a Zombie Classic!!

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES (2009) 2/5 NO Horror, Thriller, Comedy Rs.198 (Amazon.in) Seth Grahame-Smith, Jane Austen [3.29/118193 ratings Goodreads]

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Completed yet another fiction book, and this time I targeted a parodic horror social genre of book, seems pretty different from the type, isn’t it, well yeah, it is. This one’s a parody book PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES written by Seth Grahame-Smith and its a parody of the book named ‘Pride and Prejudice’ which was written by Jane Austen way back in 1813 and is considered a classic. So why a parody of such a beautiful and classic novel (I didn’t read the original book, just using adjectives to increase the length of my review and to show everyone that I am a hard novel reader 😛 ) But why? Let’s first see who is the author.

Seth Grahame-Smith is an american novelist, producer, director, screenwriter and has written some 8 books (all info are sourced from our own beloved Wiki), which shows that he liked writing parodies, he uses a known book or figure, introduced some awkward things in them and lo behold! a new book is created. Well well! This is my 2nd read of him. Previous to this I’ve read ‘Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter’ and you can see by name that this again can be counted as a parody on the life of one of the greatest American personality. Now let us look at the plot of this book.

It’s 19th century England, which is infested by a strange plague in which dead arose and if they bite someone, that person too become like them, basically you all know that as a superhit formula now-a-days – ZOMBIES. There are many novels and films already been made on this imaginary yet plausible phenomenon. A miss Elizabeth Bennett is living with her family and 4 sisters in the country, her mother always wishes all of them to get married, but her father wants them to enable themselves to fight this zombie mayhem, and so all of them were personally trained by chinese martial art master in the self defense and zombie killing arts. And then the central character of our story found one of the equal worthy opponent Mr.Darcy. What will happen to her family and the equation between the 2 is the crux of this story.

Ok, what’s good here? It’s a different kind of read, its a mashup of s famous regular book adding masala in it. Though as per a note provided in the book, the time when the original book was written by Jane Austen, these kind of books (not exactly mashups but related to zombies, devils and bad-doings) were on rise, little did Jane know that one day even her book can get parodies in the same way. So if you’re into such kind of interest, you can go with it. I also like reading and watching zombie books and movies, so that’s why I bought this book. But there are more negatives than the positives.

Language is untouched, so it’s a hard english to read, since the original book was written way back. The story is simple dramatic, I thought that Seth could’ve made the book more energetic and interesting, but that’s not the case here. I dont like reading such social, romantic or drama books, so I thought that maybe by adding zombies it will become interesting, but author didnt play much across his parody writing, so for me, this book will be counted as a dull one, slow moving, not much happening, story as usual and all boring kind of stuffs.

I am not undermining the classic, its a classic and definitely had a fan-following but I’m not that into these kind of social books so this one scores a negative on my scale. More horror incidents can be added. Book goes on for 334 pages. There is a movie adaptation already been made. I recommend this book to those who are into reading social novels (not me) and wouldn’t mind reading a comic twist to it. I rate it 2/5.

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