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THE SILVER BRANCH (1957) 3/5 YES Historical Fiction Rs.78 (Bookchor.com) Rosemary Sutcliff [3.93/1873 ratings Goodreads]

Review #448 (Book Review #148)

Finished yet another book and this time its a thin book THE SILVER BRANCH, 2nd in THE EAGLE series and written by ROSEMARY SUTCLIFF.

This book was first published in Dec 1957 and wrote as a children adventure though as per me it’s an adventure for children and adults alike. My copy is 175pgs for which I took 67 days, quite unlike me since this book is thin but I usually read 2-3 books at a time, I mean on basis of my mood, so 3 different books will always be opened and I pick any one of them at a particular moment.

This book used a little old style english since the story depicted the old times – its a fictional account of the real times and real characters when Romans ruled Britain. A new surgeon was appointed at Rutupiae fort – Justin (for short) who befriended a young Centurion Flavius (for short) who is a soldier in Roman legion. These are peaceful times under the emperor Carausius (for short) who ruled Britain, but his finance minister Allectus is planning to usurp the emperor, he is a traitor and he was able to take the land by killing him. Now its upto Justin & Flavius to win back the land from the traitor Allectus for its rightful owner.

Ideally this is a 2nd book in the series THE EAGLE, but the storiesin both the book is standalone, yes, the story in this book succeed the 1st book story, and linked by an important connection but still you can read the books at your expanse, you can pick up 2nd book before the 1st one if you want.

Now let’s discuss about the plot/story. Plot is fine, just like you can think of old times of kings and wars and whatnot, even the writer has given it the touch of oldtime with the old patterned english usage, it brings authenticity to the books, and make the books genuine for its readers. But then it has its drawbacks as well, not everyone can read or appreciate the efforts, its hard in readability plus it demands reader’s full attention to the story or they may miss any important detail.

The pace of the story however seems slow here if I compare it with the 1st book, although both books cam be considered same in terms of adventure, but to me, it looks that 1st book had lot more to cover in terms of story than it is here, also it had an element of suspense, which is not here per se. The story goes on at a leisurely pace towards the last few pages where it came to action, last few pages are more engrossing than starting ones, going through the war sequences, felt like you’re watching the whole scene. But its a good story to read, if you appreciate a little hard language. I rate the book 3/5.


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