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THE GIRL IN ROOM 105 (2018) 3/5 YES Crime Fiction Romance Drama Rs.0 (Kindle Unlimited) Chetan Bhagat [3.41/2322 ratingsGoodreads]

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So I am back with yet another review and guess what I an back with the review of one of my fav Indian author because of whom me and many like me got interested in reading Indian english-language novels and because of whom the love stories get a life in novel formats in India, on whose path many new evolving writers made their career in writing. It is the latest novel by CHETAN BHAGAT and as per his trend of using numbers in his every novel name, this one also contains numbers, THE GIRL IN ROOM 105. This is his 8th novel, out of which 4 are adapted as Indian movie officially, and 1 unofficially. I have hard copy of all his novels except this one, since I got a chance to read it for free on kindle unlimited. CB has also written 2 non-fiction books as well but I am only interested in his fictional work and now I can say that I’ve read all of his novels.

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Story (AND SPOILERS!!): Keshav and Saurabh are best friends and are teaching in coaching classes. Keshav is not able to forget his ex-girlfriend Zara, while Zara has already moved on and now is in a relationship with an entrepreneur Raghu. But on one fine night Zara was murdered. Keshav can’t live by not knowing who killed love if his life so he started his own investigation to find out the killer.

Ok, so now whoever is familier of earlier CB’s work know that he is a romantic novel writer, though he tried his hands at 2 different genre books – 1 night @ call center – which was based on an imaginary scenario happening with main characters who all works in a call center at night & 3 Mistakes of my life– which is kind of realistic political drama getting referenced from many real Indian political happenings. But his other 5 books are more or less revolving around love with 1 being converted into a very successful blockbuster Hindi movie. And this one is first from him on a crime investigation obviously with a romantic angle to support. The story is pretty straightforward, but I like the way he builds it. There’s a despo lover who is not able to forget his love, and by reading the lines given to him, seems a perfect characterization for him. Though the worst character in the book was the leading lady Zara, whose character was not build properly, sometimes she seemed a good girl sometimes not so good.

The language is pretty easy as the case with his other novels as well, so you dont need a dictionary. Some incidents seems taken too leniently, like when Keshav decided to pursue the case he got a go-ahead by the Inspector so easily, it looks like walking in the park for Keshav, which I think is less practical in real life, and many such leniency is thrown in the whole book. Also some loopholes, for e.g. the official investigating police officer just found out someone is a killer and didn’t tried to look at all angles or maybe other parties involved with the victim.

Although it’s a simple book so the mystery of killer is not that good as of many such detective novels. This book is not for detective book readers who like crime fiction, its for romance novel readers esp. the fan base if CB who wouldn’t mind if a crime fiction is added up with romance and drama. In the book CB tries to add some terrorism angle along with his political preferences or present situations of India, though he tried to maintain balance in his views.

The ending setup of this novel seems highly inspired by the setups from Agatha Christie’s novels. This book does not fall in super excellent category but is certainly better than 2 of his earlier novels and good for a light reader, I will say, you can go ahead and try it, not a big novel so it will finish fast. I rate 3/5.

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