Kalachakra: the wheels of time

KEEPERS OF THE KALACHAKRA (2018) 4/5 YES Thriller/Conspiracy/Histotical/Mythical Rs.229 (Amazon.in) Ashwin Sanghi [3.76/1720 ratings Goodreads]

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About Ashwin Sanghi: He is an accomplished Indian thriller writer born 25th Jan 1969 in Mumbai. He has written many thriller books esp. of the genre of historical thriller infusing with conspiracy theory and is a well known writer along with Amish who pioneered the Indian english language writing into this genre. You can also call him Indian Dan Brown because of subject of his novels. His bibliography includes books like The Rozabal Line, Chanakya’s Chant, The Krishna Key, Sialkot Saga, which all could be said as BHARAT SERIES, and this one could also said to be a part of this series. So here’s the review of KEEPERS OF THE KALACHAKRA (KOTK).

KOTK was released in 2018 January, and my copy is 401 pages for which I took 43 days. I can say that I liked this book, and it was certainly much better than Ashwin’s last fiction book Sialkot Saga. I liked all of his other books (mentioned above).

So, the story goes like this: There’s a secret organization at work who is somehow involved with assassinations of some known names in political world, how are they performing those killings and why they’re doing this, noone knows. Also, there are some scientific researches are also going on and as many of these researches are already knows and pre-validated by Indian yogics somehow someone wanted to reach to its conclusion so that it could be used for world power shift. Meanwhile, there is a young scientist who got offer to work in a cutting-edge research facility situated in mountainous Indian state of Uttarakhand. What is the purpose of hiring him? And many such questions arises, do read the book for same.

Now the pros: A wonderful book with many conspiracy theories thrown in at regular interval to keep the reader interested through the whole book which is 400+ pages, Ashwin didn’t hold back any secret or findings for later use, though he successfully built the secret for the central theme of book which he revealed at the end only. There are lot of various terms, scientific and otherwise with many incidents and instances included in book for which he surely have done lot of research. Many recorded incidents are used, you can google them. The language is easy, and it’s a fast read, language alongwith thrill and different incidents helped the reader to actually finish book quite fast.

Cons: There are too much of incidents used in the book due to which the central narrative got lost many times, it seems he got carried away in sharing so many references from wiki and google, the central characters got very little space and less time, plus many of these incidents are picked up word-by-word from websites, I’ve checked 3-4 myself on Google, just few words changed, rest same text, he has also provided the references in the last of the book though. There are too many characters involved due to the vast canvas of the story, which can cause hindrance for a less-serious reader. Plus I still didn’t understood the main concept of Quantum Twins, maybe it’s a research topic but I am still not convinced.

The book has a central theme of Radicalization of Islam, you can read it to find out, I liked the book even after some of the cons, and I recommend it with rating 4/5.

GRuchirG. (“G” Ruchir “Ji”)

Jai Raam ji ki 🙂

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