The Confession of a girl.

13 REASONS WHY (2007) 3/5 YES Young Adult Rs.100 (2nd hand bookshop) Jay Asher [3.97/672255 ratings Goodreads]

Review #453 (Book Review #153)

《 Before proceeding to review I want to salute Indian Armed Forces for their valor, courage and bravery. I pray for the martyrs of Pulwama terrorist attacks, may they rest in peace. 》

One fine morning, I was in Indore due to some personal work, and Indore has 2nd hand book stores, since I have some time to kill I just went through one which still exists and found this book 13 REASONS WHY by JAY ASHER. Previous to this I never read him but I was fully aware of a netflix series by the same name so I knew that this book must be it’s inspiration, and I haven’t watched the series (still not seen) so I thought ‘Why not I read about it first’. So I got the book for Rs.100.

I wikipediad Jay Asher. He is an American author born in California in 1975. I guess this is his first work, other than this he wrote 3 other books – The Future of Us, What Light and Piper. Rest you can do wikipedia, this much info is enough for my review. Oh yes, this is also my 1st read of Jay.

Now lets go through the plot. One fine morning Clay, a high-school student receive a shoebox which is filled with some cassettes, which he found out as recorded by his classmate Hannah, but Hannah is dead. She has recorded these cassettes before taking her life, i.e. before doing suicide and these tapes contains 13 reasons why?

Now these tapes must travel from 1 reason to the other, basically those 13 reasons are characters in her life, it’s not what but who, and everyone has to listen to those and to pass it further down the line and now Clay had those.

As you can deduce from the above picture that I took 44 days to complete this small novel of just 250 odd pages, you all may be thinking why? Well there are 3 reasons behind it. 1. I am a multitasking guy, at a time I have 3-4 novels open and I use to read any one of them at a given time, let’s say, depending on my mood. Currently I am reading 1 Hindi language crime-thriller novel ‘Dial 100’ and 1 non-fiction adventure WILD and 1 oddly sci-fi comic novel ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’. 2. Yes, novel had some issues which prevent me to read it fast. 3. Time crunch.

The novel’s concept is real good, I haven’t seen this concept elsewhere, unique, now I am intrigued to watch the series too. Novel is not thick, so a regular user can pick it. The novel had a hidden message about how one person can affect other person’s life, so it encourages the readers to be at their good behaviour all the time. Language wise its easy. At the end the book contains writer’s interview and interview of the series’ cast, coz my edition released after the netflix series, check out the main page photo I shared above, that is from series, and netflix name is also mentioned.

Now regarding language, the book seemed confusing at the start. Clay is listening to the tapes, so to distinguish between Clay’s acts and Hannah’s recordings, writer used italics. Meaning if it is italic, it is said by Hannah in recording, if it’s normal font means it’s Clay’s thought process. So at first the reader may get confused. A lot of lines interspersed with 2 different narrations, later on you will get hang of it. Plus even 280 pages sometimes looked boring, like not much is happening but it’s there anyways. The interviews are not in 280 pages, they’re after those pages.

So yes, the novel touches a sensitive subject and the writer really handed it very very well, kudos to Jay for actually writing this novel and handling the sensitive topic well. And I am sure the series adaptation will be good. So I will say a YES to this book with a 3/5 rating. Do check it out.

GRuchirG (G Ruchir Ji)

Jai Raam ji ki 🙂

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