WILD (2012) 4/5 YES Memoirs, Adventure Rs.175 ( Cheryl Strayed [3.99/520140 ratings Goodreads]

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One fine day I got my hands on a movie WILD starring Reese Witherspoon and it was released in 2014. I kind of liked that movie so I found out the inspiration behind it. So now here’s the review of the book on which that movie was based – WILD written by CHERYL STRAYED and it was first published in 2012.

WILD is a memoir written by Cheryl Strayed, she changed her surname after getting divorced and the book’s full name is WILD: FROM LOST TO FOUND ON THE PACIFIC CREST TRAIL. So, you can now have a pretty damn idea what this memoir could contain. Its an emotional journey of a lady and her trek on the most famous American trail – the PCT. In this book of 300+ pages, she explained all her feeling, it looks like she has opened her heart and poured out all the feelings on the pages. The things she faced in her life including the death of her mother, their family’s movements, their poor conditions, her divorce and then gathering the courage to trek a monstrous trail alone.

Previous to this I’ve read such books but those are not autobiography kind of books – I’ve read INTO THE WILD which was the story of a guy Christopher who went to Alaska and died, but it was written by a journalist Jon Krakauer. WILD is written in first person, the same lady who went through that trauma written the book. It’s a long book, so you can say that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea/coffee. Plus its a memoir, a non-fiction so you will not get twists and turns or dramas. But yes you will get emotions. And its a kind of travel book but a travel book written with a personal touch, not like a guide actually.

It took me 85 days to complete this book, as I was busy in watching streaming apps, like Netflix, Prime and others. But I will also say that do not hurry in reading this book, you have to take your time in reading this, expereince all the happenings of the author’s life, and get a feel what she’s going through. Readability is okay and by the end of it I felt that I went on that trail. She was a novice yet she accomplished a feat that many of us can’t even think about it.

She faced problem enroute, explained weather of different parts of trail, how she made new friends, how she survived alone on the trail. The pace of the book was fine although she told a lot about her flashbacks here and there. I would recommend this book for serious readers with rating 4/5. GO FOR IT!!

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