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THE SITTAFORD MYSTERY (2011) 3.5/5 YES Crime Detective Rs.106 (Amazon.in) Agatha Christie [3.7/12212 ratings Goodreads]

Review #457 (Book Review #157)

Finally after so many days I completed a Agatha Christie novel. Previous to this I’ve read few other novels of her but they basically belongs to a central detective character created by her named, the famous Hercule Poirot. This time I’ve completed THE SITTAFORD MYSTERY and its not belonging to any central detective character, this is a book of solving mystery collectively by various characters used in the book.

There’s an imaginary English town named Sittaford which is high on the hill and near Dartmoor in UK and it get the snow year round. During winter months it was always covered in thick snow and even the roads to the nearest town Exhampton get blocked. It’s a small town having only 6 cottages, wherein lived 6 families. One cottage “Sittaford House” is owned by Capt.Travelyan who has now lend it to Mrs. Willett, and he himself is now living in a rented house in Exhampton. One day he was found murdered by his friend Major Burnaby. Who killed him? And what were the suspicious yet queer environment in which someone guessed that he was murdered? Read it to know more.

So lets come on to some statistics. First my personal stats: I completed this 348 pg. book in 18 days which is fine speed I guess. This book is first published in 1931 and it seems #13 (as per wikipedia) from AC. Well now lets jump to the pros and cons related to the book.

Well AC sure does imagine wonderfully and all her readers went to beautiful locales in their imaginations, as a reader I too went to dfferent locations and scenarios without actually being there, that is the beauty of her writing and descriptions of places, she also able to provide a figurative description of all her characters of the book so that you will know who’s who and what’s what. Yes the English used is old English, and sometimes you may thought it gramatically wrong but that doesn’t hamper the feel of novel for atleast an avid reader.

Now for the plot: Its a murder mystery and yes AC was able to hold on the reader till the end with the grasping mystery which involves a queer business of psychic interpretations and You would actually like the buildup of the plot however the end was not able to satisfy the means i.e. I didn’t liked the end of the book because the buildup actually build up your expectation of a good end, somehow didn’t found the motive of killing that lucrative as one can expect. So yeah, I will say that book is good and on the lines of some other of her novel (which I read), even better in start and till end so I will say “you can try this one”. However this book does not belong to the famous central detective character “Hercule Poirot” created by her. In this story every character is involved in crime mystery solving so its a kind of combined detection.

All-in-all I will recommend this book with a 3.5/5 rating from me, and except end the book is good.

GRuchirG. (“G” Ruchir “Ji”)

Jai Raam ji ki 🙂

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