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About GRuchirG ("Jee" Ruchir "Jee")!

Well, I am an Indian, by birth and by soul, and my hobbies are Traveling, reading novels, listening music, watching movies, and writing Reviews/Blogs/Stories. "kaun kehta hai aasma mein surakh nahi ho sakta ek patthar to tabiyat se uchaalo yaaro" (Who Says you can't make a hole in the sky, Just throw a stone with all your will-power) You can do what you want to, you just have to be true with yourself, you are not answerable to anybody but yourself. So never lose hope and just try and try till you die..

Sharpen the teeths boy!!

DRAGON TEETH (2017) 2.5/5 MAYBE Thriller/Adventure Rs.228 ( Michael Crichton [3.75/12012 ratings Goodreads] Review #434 (Book Review #134) : Completed the latest book of Michael Crichton which was published posthumously and said as one of his unpublished work which was … Continue reading

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China.. by Train!!

RIDING THE IRON ROOSTER (1989) 3.5/5 YES Travelogue Rs.78 ( Paul Theroux [4.01/7150 ratings Goodreads] Review #433 (Book Review #133) : And after 86 long days, finally completed a big book RIDING THE IRON ROOSTER written by a well-known traveller … Continue reading

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The thrill you never get.

POUND OF FLESH (2016) 1/5 NO Crime Thriller Rs.0 (Amazon Kindle Unlimited) Mukul Deva [3.80/70 ratings Goodreads] Review #432 (Book Review #132) : Finally after so many days completed my 3rd ever read of a novel from Mukul Deva, and … Continue reading

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CURSE. ….to be continued

HARAPPA: CURSE OF THE BLOOD RIVER (2017) 3.5/5 YES Mythical Thriller Fiction Rs.0 (Amazon Kindle Unlimited) Vineet Bajpai [4.09/891 ratings Goodreads] Review #431 (Book Review #131) : So, one more feast of mine on free trial of amazon unlimited is … Continue reading

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Trek in the beauty of Himalayas!!

THE LAND OF FLYING LAMAS (2013) 3.5/5 YES Travelogue Rs.0 (Amazon Kindle Unlimited) Gaurav Punj [3.52/158 ratings Goodreads] Review #430 (Book Review #130) : 256 pages, and as per kindle 3hrs 38 min is typical time to complete it (if … Continue reading

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Road To Happiness!

THE LIVING ROAD (2015) 3/5 YES Travelogue Rs.49 (Amazon Kindle) Ajit Harisinghani [3.76/85 ratings Goodreads] Review #429 (Book Review #129) : Another book done and dusted, and its my 2nd read of Ajit Harisinghani, again a travelogue from a speech … Continue reading

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Planet Strikes!!

MEN ARE FROM MARS WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS (1993) 5/8 YES Self help non fiction Rs.39 (Amazon Kindle) John Gray [3.52/130689 ratings Goodreads] Review #428 (Book Review #128) : I had 11 books on kindle as of today and I … Continue reading

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