A Dangerous Shift!!

POLAR SHIFT (2005) 5.5/8 Yes Thriller Rs.75 (Amazon.in) Clive Cussler Paul Kemprecos [3.88/7116 ratings Goodreads]

And finally on 37th day, completed 1 more read of Clive Cussler, my 1st read of his NUMA FILES series: POLAR SHIFT. This is the 6th book of the series which consists of total 13 novels till date. It was co-writtenby Paul Kemprecos and the main hero is Kurt Austin.

Its an engaging high action thriller, but the action is not too fast as generally a Matthew Reilly thrill have (that’s characteristic Cussler 4 u). Kurt’s on the mission to save the earth from geological polar shift, which if happened will results in extinction of human species, but who will stop the maniac on loose. There is a group led by someone who wants all the power in his hands to control the world’s elites for which he plotted a polar shift although magnetic in nature, but it will lead to geological polar shift and which means total destruction.

The book started with a flashback kind of era, a scientist existing in cold war era is being hauled by an unknown guy. And then we shift our base to present situation. In the starting the story looks haphazard, as so many plots and characters from different backgrounds coming into view, but as the book progresses, the situations become clearer and characters got linked. This book is 530 pgs long but thoroughly enjoyable and hell of a ride. By the end you’ll feel sarisfied, though I must say that ending could have better with more detail on the final action could be covered, plus some fantasy too added to the plot, looked odd and misplaced, could have been avoided (once u read you’ll come to know) but nonetheless still a good book to read. I rate the book 5.5/8


Jai Raam ji ki 🙂

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Which pig ate the bread?

FIVE LITTLE PIGS (1942) 4.5/8 Yes Crime/Murder Mystery Rs.100 (Amazon.in) Agatha Christie

A little nursery rhyme is what FIVE LITTLE PIGS is but here we are talking about a crime murder mystery novel of the same name written by the famous AGATHA CHRISTIE. This novel was also published by the name MURDER IN RETROSPECT and have 3.94 avg rating (out of 21989) and falls at #24 of Hercule Poirot series of AC. This book was first published in May 1942.

It took me 336pgs and 66 days to completed this novel, and it was a good book, though I will not put it in high regards if compare with others I have read of her. The story goes like- A lady approach Hercule Poirot to find out the truth of a murder mystery happened 20 years back, in which her mother was given the verdict and proved guilty but she guess it is not her mother who killed her father but could be someone else, and so Poirot recaptures the artifacts and find out the truth. 

This mystery does a lot of talking, obviously its required for reconstruction of an old crime, hence made the book somewhat boring. But Chritie lovers can obviously read this one. The book is divided over parts wherein one part includes letters which Poirot ask every character to write, write like a memoir of the incident recapturing their thoughts, and by reading them and talking to them separately gave him the idea about the original murderer. This concept was different though. I rate 4.5/8.


Jai Raam ji ki 🙂

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Chasing the Bandit!!

THE CHASE (2007) 6.5/8 Yes Thriller Rs.100 (Amazon.in) Clive Cussler

One more down in the CLIVE CUSSLER’ ISAAC BELL series and this time its the 1st book of series THE CHASE (my 2nd read of series after book THE WRECKER and my 3rd read of Clive Cussler after INCA GOLD). I have 1 more with me of same series. It took me 36 days for 489 odd pages. THE CHASE was published in 2007 nov. I already became fan of this series when I read series’ 2nd book ‘The Wrecker’. This series is very different from other detective series as it goes to the era of starting 1900s americas. And 1 thing I found after reading these 2 books that in both the books the author revealed the culprit quite early (in The Wrecker villain name came in middle pgs, here within 100 pgs itself) but the main maza of these books are the chases and detective’s effort to prove that the culprit is guilty by catching him. And both these books involved trains (my another love). Loved this series. 

THE CHASE story goes like, a locomotive and a boxcar was fetched from depth of a lake in 1950 and then the story went to 1906 when there’s a notorious bandit and killer was on loose named as BUTCHER BANDIT and its Isaac Bell, the famous detective from Van Dorn Detective Agency who got the case.

For rest, please do read the book. Clive Cussler has given this series, I guess, the charm of a finely paced detective story with a guy on loose and a detective behind him. If you take Hercule Poirot, it shows the peculiarity of a case solving where the crime is already happened and now by the deductions he have to solve it. If you take Sherlock, again the same urge of solvation but he is more advanced in observations and deductions. If you take the famous James Bond, his cases are high end chase thrillers which are top-of-action drama. Ian Bell is a silent minded detective with highly intuitive mind who take his sweet time but never loses his criminal. Hence the books of him are on the higher side of pages. The writer explains every ongoings with proper descriptions. He make it a good journey book, enjoyable and yet not ending, you want it to extend more and more. And it als contains train chases ( i did mention that I love trains). I recommend this book with a rating of 6.5/8.

GRuchirG (“Jee” Ruchir “Jee”)

Jai Raam ji ki 🙂

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Krishna, politics and Mahabharata!!

THE ARYAVARTA CHRONICLES BOOK 1: GOVINDA 7/8 Yes Mythological fiction Rs.100 (Amazon.in)

 Got my hands on one more mythical historical fiction book and its not Amish for a change. The book in question is THE ARYAVARTA CHRONICLES BOOK 1: GOVINDA. written by KRISHNA UDAYASANKAR.  After Shiva, Rama this time its Krishna.

Govinda has created a realm of his own in Dwarka, a well know place for equals and love lovers on an island. But there is politics, Jarasandha is the self declared Emperor of Aryavarta, the whole of India(esp northern n central). Now Govinda plans to get the kingdom from his end and he works towards establishing a better empire in guidance of Dharma Yudhishthira and Panchali. Is he a pawn of Dwaipayana Vyasa and Bhishma and played by Sanjaya Gavalgani or is he pretending to be played by them?                                           

Well this book is a retelling of the great Indian war MAHABHARATA, and this book is very different from other mythical historical fictiona out there. If we compare this with Shiva trilogy, that book has taken the God Shiva and portrayed him in a fictional story, obviously on based of certain facts but this book is a kind of truth of Mahabharata as we know blended in a fictional style so as to reach the maximum readers and to gave a feel of fiction novel full of politics, as in the style of Game of Thrones. And the English used here is much refined, not as simple language as the other trilogy by Amish so this book is more rich in terms of content. In those 444 pages, the print is fine hence it covered more of story and still there are 2 more remaining to go. Also, language is not that hard but a better comparisons and words are chosen in the book. It also seems a good research has been done while writing this novel.

Now something about the author: Krishna is a Bangalore born writer and lecturer having Singapore’s nationality and this chronicles were her first books. 2 other non fiction books she has written and a novel named 3. She had a law degree and a Phd(source: wikipedia)

It took me 40 days to complete 444 pgs. But this book is a must read, soon I am going to buy tge 2nd book of trilogy. Do read this book, I rate 7/8.


Jai Raam ji ki:)

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F*d up love affair!!

Book: One Indian Girl (2016)

Author: Chetan Bhagat
Genre: Romance 
Pages: 272
Cost: Rs.119 (Amazon.in)


So 272 pgs and 6 days later, I finally completed the latest book of Chetan Bhagat (obviously I bought it, I am a fan of him) and here’s a true review of the book. 

For a change CB took female as the novel lead, and this novel is written in 1st person. This book has a female lead and its good to see how CB took on the role of a female lead and explained it quite well.

Its a story of a Banker Radhika Mehta who works in Distressed Debt group of Goldman Sachs, the best group in the best investment bank. She is getting married but her past or rather pasts caught up with her!! SPOILERS!! She caught up with her 2 ex-lovers on the site of her destination wedding in Goa. Whom will she choose, her Newyork 1st love Debu, her Hongkong 2nd love or her husband to be?

Lead character wise CB came up with a strong character, plotwise feminist loving but story wise weak. Not much goes on over those 272 pages. I will still put his other books – 2 states, 5.someone and 2 mistakes above any other book of him. This is a bit regular ongoing type of story with some drama, emotion, feeling and a destination wedding thrown in. And oh yes!! 2 sex scenes as well (CB’s trademark). The novel has setting in 4 different  cities – Newyork, Hongkong, London and Goa and the novel ends on a lighter note. The description of places are good and the language simple as used to be.

 I rate the book 4/8. If you’re a fan, read it, else, avoid.


Jai Raam ji ki:)

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Perils OR Plans!!

Book: Peril at End House (1932)

Author: Agatha Christie
Genre: Crime/Detective 
Pages: 518
Cost: Rs.102 (Amazon.in)
GR8 Meter: 5.5/8 YES

25 days and completed 1 more mystery novel from Agatha Christie today, that makes it 4 reads of her. Let’s review PERIL AT END HOUSE which was 14th published book of AC and published in 1932 originally. 

This is a story of a young lady Magdala Buckley aka Nick who lives all alone in a big and old house called End House, sincs its at end of the lane. But her life is not simple, someone wants to kill her, but she escapes the secret attempts everytime. But its Hercule Poirot in town and he tasks himself to save Nick from her perils. Will he be able to save Nick or someone get better of her and kill her?

This book has one of the best mystery, though on reading perspective my last read of AC was a better enjoyable read (The ABC Murders), this one was on somewhat boring side (hence 25 days for 280 pages) but the mystery here is better than the last other book. Here the boringness is maybe because HP is shown more vulnerable and clueless. I too guessed the main killer right in the starting but I didnt guessed the reason and the actual mystery. Too good. The book is readable and have simple wordings with the same old British English style which make these novels of AC a classic read. You will like the book if you love crime thrillers and if you continue reading this book even though in start and middle pages it looks a bit boring.

I rate this book 5.5/8. Now my next of AC will be FIVE LITTLE PIGS (which will become my 5th read of AC). Do read this one.


Jai Raam ji ki:)

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Wreck it! Rails!!

Book: The Wrecker (2009)

Author: Clive Cussler, Justin Scott
Genre: Thriller
Pages: 518
Cost: Rs.173 (Amazon.in)
GR8 Meter: 7/8 YES

Clive Cussler is a well-known name in the thriller/historical thriller fiction genre and needs no introduction. Although I have only read just 1 book of him, as I was very reluctant from a long time for his novels. My initial thought was whether his novels quench my thirst for thriller-historical-fantasy fiction. Finally I got hand on 1 of his novels from his well-known series – DIRK PITT – INCA GOLD, I liked it, and now presenting you the review of my 2nd read of him THE WRECKER which is the 2nd book in his ISAAC BELL series. This book was co-written by Justin Scott.

Its 1907 in America and it is in the process of expanding railroad systems, handled by various private business houses like JPMC, Vanderbilt and this story covers the Southern Pacific railroad build by businessman Osgood Hennessey. He is in process of building the railroads through one of the difficult path, through the cascades cutoff which if built will reduce the distance between two major spots of US but there’s a saboteur at loose who don’t want him to succeed and he is attacking and wrecking the railroads at various places. Mr. Osgood hires Van Dorn Detective Agency to find this wrecker and so comes Mr.Isaac Bell on the mission. Will he be able to stop this wrecker before the businessman goes bankrupt or the businessman finally achieve his goal?

One of the best reads of the time and since I am a very very big train enthusiast, this book was just like a paradise for me. It starts slow in tye beginning but then it covers pace and intrigued and involved me deeper and deeper into its action and thus increased my reading speed too. Though I will count my speed of reading this novel of 518 pgs too low as per my own established standards. I took 52 days :O yeah I know! I Know! Too low.. One best thing of this thriller novel is that you come to know about the villain in the middle of the book, now you must be thinking whats the use of the remaining novel then, no sir, even after knowing that the author has built the thrill superbly, I was waiting what he will do next now and the author put me on the edge of seat.  Readability wise medium read, you don’t need no dictionary, and I believe a good novel is that novel where you don’t have to consult dictionaries. 

This is 2nd book in Isaac Bell series and I found the character of Isaac Bell as a committed yet stylish detective, he is rich and he has a love interest but he do his job as a committed guy. This book may not be liked by everyone if you dont like a vastly spread detective novels (unlike Agatha Christie ones). There are a lot of station names and trains and routes details included in story that I got hooked in no minutes.

I will recommend this novel with a rating of 7/8. Do read.


Jai Raam ji ki 🙂

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